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About Me!
Marilyn and Allison Patrick and Jacob

Grandpa Pat and Jacob
Grandma Marilyn and Allison

Hello, I hope you find my website a source of entertainment and information on anything Regency you can think about. If you know of any site that would be comfortable with ours (grin) send me a note at I welcome new places to look at.
Personally I have always been a bookworm! My mother would take my three sisters and I to the local library. She loved books and had a yearning to write a book. At present I am a homebody, a retired nurse, I have two darling grandbabies to play with. I jumped into the Internet with both feet and little training, so it has been a learning experience each time I make a page!!! Through the Internet I have met and have become acquainted with many friendly people. I have expanded my reading horizons and am getting a nice collections of autographs of my favorite authors, to boot! You can't beat that. I hope you enjoy my site now and in the future. take care, Marilyn

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