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The listing is alphabetical. Dates are approximate. Note: Titles are Regency flavored unless noted otherwise. Updated 8.15.04.

The Steepwood Series is a 16-part continuity Regency series set in nd around the four villages which surround the Steepwood Abbey. Details & ordering information for the first 8 books can be found at Nicola Cornick's site or Mills & Boon Steepwood Scandal Series.

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A COURTSHIP FOR MAMA/Alice Holden, Julia Parks, Jeanne Savery 4-04 Zebra
A KISS FOR CHRISTMAS/Alice Holden, Lisa Noeli, Mellynda Beth Skinner 10-04 Zebra
A WIFE FOR PAPA/Lynn Collum, Laura Paquet, hayley Ann Soloman 5-04 Zebra
APRIL BLOOM/Susan King, Merline Lovelace, Miranda Jarrett 4-04 Harlequin
IRRESTISTIBLE FORCES/Jo Beverley, Mary Jo Putney, Deb Stover, Lois McMaster Bujold (SF) 2-04 ROC/NAL
LADY WHISTLEDOWN STRIKES BACK/Julia Quinn, Suzanne Enoch, Karen Hawkins, Mia Ryon 5-04 Avon
MY SCANDALOUS BRIDE/Christina Dodd, Stephanie Laurens, Celeste Bradley, Leslie LaFoy 5-04 St. Martin's
ONE STARRY CHRISTMAS/Carolyn Davidson, Carol Finch & Lynna Banning) Western 10-04 Harlequin
REGENCY CHRISTMAS MAGIC/Amanda McCabe, Allison Lane, Edith Layton, Barbara Metzger, Sandra Heath 10-04 Signet
REGENCY RAKES/Nicola Cornick, etc. only in UK (reprint)
THE CHRISTMAS VISIT/Margaret Moore, Terri Brisbin & Gail Ransrom 11-04 Harlequin
WEDDING BELLES/Barbara Metzger, Edith Layton, Allison Lane, Lynn Kerstan, Carla Kelly 5-04 Signet
WITH THIS RING/Shannon Donnelly, Jennifer Malin, Donna Simpson 6-04 Zebra


POOR CAROLINE & MATCHED PAIRS/Elizabeth Mansfield 8-04 Signet
VALENTINES/ROAD TO RUIN/Barbara Metzger (new) & Margaret Evans Porter (reissue) 2-04 Signet
VAMPIRE VISCOUNT & THE DEVIL'S BARGAIN reissue/Karen Harbaugh 10-04 Signet
VISCOUNT VAGABOND & THE DEVIL'S DELILALH/Loretta Chase reissue 6-04 Signet

Single Titles

Alcott, Laura Mills/THE BRIAR AND THE ROSE (1826 England and Ireland hardback) 11-03 click here to order Five Star (Gale, Thorndike)
Alcott, Laura Mills/THE LOCKET (1827 England) at publisher
Alexander, Victoria/THE PURSUIT OF MARRIAGE 6-04 Avon
Alexander, Victoria/THE EMPEROR'S NEW CLOTHES (reissue) 9-04 Leisure
Allen, Marjorie/LADY ALICIA'S LEGACY Lionhearted Publishing, Inc.
Andrew, Sylvia/LORD TRENCHARD'S CHOICE 10-04 Harlequin
Anton, Shari/ONCE A BRIDE (1333 medieval England) 4-04 Warner
Ashley, Jennifer/THE PIRATE HUNTER 5-04 Leisure
Ashworth, Adele/THE DUKE OF SIN 11-04 Avon

Baldwin, Kathleen/LADY FIASCO 10-04 Zebra
Balogh, Mary/SLIGHTLY SCANDALOUS (#3 Bedwyn family series) 6-03 Dell
Balogh, Mary/SLIGHTLY TEMPTED (Morgan's story) 1-04 Dell
Balogh, Mary/SLIGHTLY SINFUL (Alleyne's story) 5-04 Dell
Balogh, Mary/SLIGHTLY DANGEROUS (Wulfric's story) hardback 6-04
Balogh, Mary/UNDER THE MISTLETOE 5 stories 11-03 Penguin
Bancroft, Blair/A SEASON FOR LOVE 2-04 Signet
Bancroft, Blair/THE HAREM BRIDE 7-04 Signet
Basso, Adrienne/TO TEMPT A ROGUE 7-04 Zebra
Baxter, Alissa/THE DASHING DEBUTANTE 9-02 Regency House
Baxter, Alissa/LORD FENMORE'S WAGER (available at
Beard, Julie/MIDNIGHT ANGEL 12-03 Berkley
Bebris, Carrie/PRIDE AND PRESCIENCE 5-04 Forge
Bennett, Sara/BELOVED HIGHLANDER (1728 Scottish Highlands) 10-03 Avon
Bennent, Sara/KISSING THE BRIDE 7-04 Avon
Bergen, Louise/A WORTHY OPPONENT 6-04 Signet
Beverley, Jo/LORD OF MY HEART (reissue) 10-02 Signet
Beverley, Jo/TEMPTING FORTUNE (reissue) 12-02 Signet
Beverley, Jo/DARK CHAMPION (reissue) 1-03 Signet
Beverley, Jo/ST. RAVEN (London 1816, linked to HAZARD) 2-03 Signet
Beverley, Jo/FORBIDDEN (reissue) 12-03 Zebra
Beverley, Jo/DANGEROUS JOY (reissue) 12-04
Beverley, Jo/SECRETS OF THE NIGHT (reissue) 3-04 Signet
Beverley, Jo/SKYLARK (Stephen's story) 5-04 Signet
Beverley, Jo/WINTER FIRE (1763 England) reissue 11-04 Signet
Beverley, Jo/THE SHATTERED ROSE (reissue) 12-05 Zebra (a possibility)
Bishop, Laurie/DECEIVING MISS DEARBORN 5-04 Signet
Blair, Annette/AN UNFORGETTABLE ROGUE(#2 The Rogues Club) 10-02 Zebra Ballad Romance
Blair, Annette/AN UNMISTAKABLE ROGUE (#3 The Rogues Club) 10-03 Zebra Ballad Romance
Blair, Annette/DO YOU BELIEVE IN MAGIC? (contemporary) 10-04 Berkley
Blair, Annette/A CHRISTMAS BABY 10-04 Zebra
Blair, Annette/THE KITCHEN WITCH (contemporary) 10-04 Berkley Sensation
Blair, Catherine/A VISCOUNT FOR CHRISTMAS 10-03 Zebra
Blair, Catherine/A NOTORIOUS LADY 10-04 Zebra
Blayne, Sara/MARRYING THE MARQUIS 10-04 Zebra
Blayney, Mary/THE CAPTAIN'S MERMAID 10-04 Zebra
Bolen, Cheryl/AN IMPROPER PROPOSAL (19th century Bath) 2-04 Zebra
Bond, Meredith/WOOING MISS WHATELY 6-04 Zebra
Boyle, Elizabeth/IT TAKES A HERO 4-04 Avon
Bradley, Celeste/THE PRETENDER 6-03 St. Martin's
Bradley, Celeste/THE IMPOSTER 10-03 St. Martin's
Bradley, Celeste/THE SPY (the Liar's Club) 2-04 St. Martin's
Bradley, Celeste/THE CHARMER (the Liar's Club) 10-04 St. Martin's
Brisbin, Terri/THE COUNTESS BRIDE 6-04 Harlequin
Britton, Pamela/SCANDAL 7-04 Warner Forever
Brockway, Connie/MY SEDUCTION (1804 Scotland, Rose Hunters trilogy) 5-04 Pocket
Brockway, Connie/MY PLEASURE (#2 Rose Hunters trilogy) 10-04 Pocket
Brodnax, Elizabeth/THE COUNTESS AND THE BUTLER 10-04 Signet
Burrows, Geraldine/MISS THORNROSE AND THE RAKE 10-04 Signet
Burton, Mary/THE LIGHTKEEPER'S WOMAN (North Carolina 1879) 2-04 Harlequin
Busbee, Shirley/SWEAR BY THE MOON (England 1800) Warner
Butler, Nancy/CASTAWAY HEARTS Super Regency 3-04 Signet
Butler, Nancy/THE BARKIN EMERALDS 6-04 Signet
Butler, Nancy/CLASSIC DOG STORIES 11-04 Lyons Press
Byrd, Nicole/BEAUTY IN BLACK 6-04 Berkeley Sensation

Callen, Gale/NO ORDINARY GROOM 1-04 Avon
Calvin, June/THE LAST LEPRECHAUN 7-04 Signet
Cameron, Stella/A USEFUL AFFAIR 2-04 Mira
Camp, Candace/BEYOND COMPARE (Victorian England) 4-04 Mira
Canham, Marsha/MY FOREVER LOVE (1194 England) 7-04 Signet
Carlyle Liz/A DEAL WIH THE DEVIL 3-04 Pocket Star
Carr, Fiona/THE MAD MARQUIS 4-03 Leisure
Carr, Fiona/THE KISSING GATE 4-04
Caskie, Kathryn/RULES OF ENGAGEMENT 5-04 Warner Forever
Caskie, Kathryn/LADY IN WAITING 1-05 Warner
Chase, Loretta/MISS WONDERFUL 3-04 Berkley Sensation
Chase, Loretta/ VISCOUNT VAGABOND & THE DEVIL'S DELILALH reissue duet 6-04 Signet
Chesney, Marion/SNOBBERY WITH VIOLENCE (Victorian) St. Martin's Minotaur
Clare, Pamela/SWEET RELEASE (1730's England and American Colonies) 3-03 Leisure
Clare, Pamela/CARNAL GIFT (sequel to Sweet Release) 12-03 Leisure
Coffman, Elaine/THE HIGHLANDER (Scottish) 11-03 Mira
Cullman, Heather/SECRETS (1798 England) 1-04 Signet
Connolly, Lynne/YORKSHIRE (1st in series set in 1750's) 5-02 NovelBooks, Inc.
Connolly, Lynne/VANESSA 4-03 Awe-Struck E-Books
Connolly, Lynne/DEVONSHIRE NovelBooks, Inc
Connolly, Lynne/VENICE Awe-Struck E-Books
Conway, Madeline/THE RELUCTANT HUSBAND 2-04 Zebra
Conway, Madeline/THE ERRANT EARL 8-04 Zebra
Cooper, Janet/THE CHALLENGE (1787 England) 4-04 Wings Press, Inc.
Cornick,Nicola/A COMPANION OF QUALITY 9-02 Harlequin Historical
Cornick, Nicola/THE CHAPERON BRIDE 3-03 Mills and Boon Historicals
Cornick, Nicola/LADY ALLERTON'S WAGER 4-03 Harlequin Historical
Cornick, Nicola/THE NOTORIOUS MARRIAGE (sequel to Lady Allerton's Wager) 6-03 Harlequin Historical
Cornick, Nicola/AN UNLIKELY SUITOR 7-03 Harlequin Historical
Cornick, Nicola/WAYWARD WIDOW (sequel to The Earl's Prize) 7-03 Harlequin UK
Cornick, Nicola/WAYWARD WIDOW (US release) 4-04 Harlequin
Cornick, Nicola/THE EARL'S PRIZE paperback release 12-03 Harlequin Historical
Cornick, Nicola/THE CHAPERON BRIDE 2-04 Harlequin
Cornick, Nicola/THE PENNILESS BRIDE 10-04 Harlequin
Coulter, Catherine/THE SHERBROOKE TWINS 3-04 Jove
Coulter, Catherine/WARRIOR'S SONG (reissue) 3-04 Signet
Coulter, Catherine/MOONSPUN MAGIC (reissue) (#3 Regency Magic trilogy) 5-04 Signet
Cree, Ann Elizabeth/THE DUKE'S MISTRESS 6-04 Harlequin Historical
Crease, Gail (aka Gail Whitaker)/POSEIDON'S KISS (cont.) 12-02 Berkley

Dain, Claudia/THE FALL (medieval) 10-04 Leisure
D'Alessandro, Jacquie/LOVE AND THE SINGLE HEIRESS 9-04 Avon
DaRif, Andrea/THE TIGER'S MISTRESS 9-03 Pocket
Davidson, Carolyn/COLORADO COURTSHIP 2-04 western Harlequin
Davidson, Carolyn/THE MARRIAGE AGREEMENT (1878 Tennessee)4-04 Harlequin
DesJardien, Teresa/THE FORMER FIANCE 7-02 Signet
Devon, Georgina/THE RAKE 3-04 Harlequin Historical
Devon, Georgina/THE REBEL 7-04 Harlequin Historical
Dier, Debra/DEVIL'S HONOR (reissue) 11-03 Leisure
Dodd, Christina/ONCE UPON A PILLOW 2-04 (duet) Pocket
Dodd, Christina/ALMOST LIKE BEING IN LOVE (contemporary) 6-04 Pocket
Dodd, Christina/SOME ENCHANTED EVENING (#1 The Lost Princesses) 7-04 Morrow
Donnelly, Shannon/PROPER CONDUCT (#1 in series) 12-02 Zebra
Donnelly, Shannon/A PROPER MISTRESS (#2 in series) 5-03 Zebra
Donnelly, Shannon/BARELY PROPER (#3 in series) 12-03 Zebra
Donnelly, Shannon/LADY SCANDAL 7-04 Zebra
Dow, Brenda/EARL FOR A SEASON 5-02 LTD Books
Dunn, Carola/MISTLETOE AND MURDER (mystery, paperback release) 10-04 Kensington
Enoch, Suzanne/LONDON'S PERFECT HERO 3-04 Avon

Farmer, Virginia/SPENCEWORTH BRIDE (Time Travel 1799 England) 9-03 Love Spell
Farmer, Virginia/A BLAST TO THE PAST (Time Travel 14th century England) 4-04 Love Spell
Farr, Diane/UNDER A LUCKY STAR (#2)4-04
Feather, Jane/THE BACHELOR LIST (#1 trilogy Edwardian England) 2-04 Bantam
Feather, Jane/BRIDE HUNT (1900's England) 3-04 Bantam
Feather, Jane/THE WEDDING GAME (#3 Matchmaker trilogy) 4-04 Bantam
Ferguson, Jo Ann/DIGGING UP TROUBLE 3-04 Zebra
Ferguson, Jo Ann/THE WEDDING CAPER 6-04 Zebra
Ferguson, Jo Ann/THE PERFECT BRIDE 10-04 Zebra
Ferguson, Jo Ann/A KNIGHT LIKE NO OTHER 2005 NAL
Foley, Galen/DEVIL TAKES A BRIDE (#5 Knight Miscellany series) 5-04 Ivy
Fox, Joan M./NEVER LET ME GO 4-04 Wings-Press, Inc.

Garland, Glenda/THE UNEXPECTED SISTER 3-04 Zebra
Gedney, Mona/A LOVE AFFAIR FOR LIZZIE 2-04 Zebra
George, Melanie/THE PLEASURE SEEKERS 11-03 Pocket
Goodman, Jo/LET ME BE THE ONE (#1 Compass Club series) 9-02 Zebra
Goodman, Jo/EVERYTHING I EVER WANTED(#2 Compass Club series) 3-03 Zebra
Goodman, Jo/ALL I EVER NEEDED 10-03 Zebra
Goodman, Jo/BEYOND A WICKED KISS (Compass Club series) 8-04 Zebra
Goodman, Jo/FOREVER IN MY HEART (western) 10-04 Zebra
Grant, Tracy/DAUGHTER OF THE GAME #1(paperback release) 1-28-03 William Morrow
Grant, Tracy/BENEATH A SILENT MOON #2 (1817 London & Scotland)(paperback release) 1-04 HarperTouch
Grasso, Patricia/TO CATCH A COUNTESS 6-04 Zebra
Grasso, Patricia/TO LOVE A PRINCESS 11-04Zebra
Greene, Elena/SAVING LORD VERWOOD 5-04 Signet
Greene, Maria/DOUBLE DECEPTION 2-04 Zebra
Greene, Maria/CAPTAIN HAWKINS' DILEMMA 8-04 Zebra
Greenwood, Leigh/SEDUCTIVE WAGER (reissue) 2-04 Lovespell
Gregory, Phillipa/WIDEACRE, THE FAVORED CHILD, & MERIDON (3-IN-1 TRADEBACK BOOK) 7-03 Touchstone Books
Grey, Amelia/A LITTLE MISCHIEF 10-03 Berkley
Grey, Amelia/A HINT OF SEDUCTION 10-04 Berkley Sensation
Greyle, Katherine/ALMOST AN ANGEL 11-03 Lovespell
Griggs, Winnie/A WILL OF HER OWN (1830 America & England) 1-04 Leisure
Guhrke, Laura Lee/GUILTY PLEASURES (1830 England) 2-04 Avon
Guhrke, Laura Lee/HIS EVERY KISS 10-04 Avon

Hale, Deborah/THE LAST CHAMPION (1143 England) 5-04 Harlequin
Harbaugh, Karen/NIGHT FIRES (vampires - fantasy historical French Revolution) 11-03 Bantam
Hampton, Denise/ALMOST PERFECT 12-03 Avon
Harbaugh, Karen/DARK ENCHANTMENT (sequel to NIGHT FIRES) 1-04 Bantam
Harchar, Gloria/KISSED BY MAGIC 1-04 Fanstasy Regency Lovespell
Hauf, Michelle/SEND ME AN ANGEL LTD Books
Heath, Sandra/FINE FEATHERS & THE MAKESHIFT MARRIAGE (new & reissue) 12-03 Penguin
Heath, Sandra/WINTER DREAMS 7-04 Signet
Hawkins, Karen/HOW TO TREAT A LADY 12-03 Avon
Hawkins, Karen/AND THE BRIDE WORE PLAID (Talisman Ring series) 6-04 Avon
Hendrickson, Emily/TABITHA'S TANGLE 3-04 Signet
Hendrickson, Emily/THE MADCAP HEIRESS 10-04 Signet
Henshaw, Victoria/CORDELIA'S CORINTHIAN 5-04 Zebra
Henshaw, Victoria/AN IDEAL MATCH 11-04 Zebra
Hern, Candice/ONCE A DREAMER (#1 Cabinet trilogy 1801) 1-03 Avon
Hern, Candice/ONCE A SCOUNDREL (#2) 8-03 Avon
Hern, Candice/ONCE A GENTLEMAN (#3 trilogy) 5-04 Avon
Herries, Anne/THE ABDUCTED BRIDE 2-04 Harlequin Historical
Heyer, Georgette/POWDER AND PATCH (reissue) 2-04 Harlequin
Heyer, Georgette/THE MASQUERADERS (reissue) 4-04 Harlequin
Heyer, Georgette/SYLVESTER OR THE WICKED UNCLE (reissue) 5-04 Harlequin
Heyer, Georgette/SPRIG MUSLIN (reissue) 7-04 Harlequin
Hiatt, Brenda/TAMING TESSA (1816) 9-04 Avon
Higdon, Lisa/UNTIL YOU'RE MINE 3-04 Zebra
Hill, Fiona (aka Ellen Pall)/CORPSE DE BALLET (#1 Nine Muses Mysteries) paperback release (modern heroine who is a Regency writer!) 8-02 St. Martin's Minotaur
Hill, Sandra/A TALE OF TWO VIKINGS 5-04 Leisure
Hill, Sandra/THE CAJUN COWBOY 6-04 Warner Forever
Hill, Sandra/LOVE ME TENDER (contemporary) 8-04 Leisure
Hill, Sandra/WET & WILD (TT Viking) 10-04 Leisure
Hilz, Tammy/BEYOND MY DREAMS (1799 Egypt) 4-04 Zebra
Hinshaw, Victoria/MISS MILFORD'S MISTAKE 11-03 Zebra
Hinshaw, Victoria/CORDELIA'S CORINTHIAN 5-04 Zebra
Holt, Cheryl/DEEPER THAN DESIRE 3-04 St. Martin's
Holt, Cheryl/MORE THAN SEDUCTION 10-04 St. Martin's
Howell, Hannah/HIS BONNIE BRIDE (retitle of AMBER FLAME to tie in current Highland series) 1-04
Howell, Hannah/HIGHLAND WARRIOR 5-04 Zebra
Howell, Hannah/RECKLESS reissue (1375 Scotland) 9-04 Zebra
Hunter, Madeline/THE SEDUCER (late Regency Seducer series) 10-03 Bantam
Hunter, Madeline/THE SAINT (#2 Seducer series) 11-03 Bantam
Hunter, Madeline/THE CHARMER (#3 Seducer series) 12-03 Bantam
Hunter, Madeline/THE SINNER (#4 Seducer series) 1-04 Bantam
Huntington, Kate/THE GENERAL'S DAUGHTER 4-04 Zebra
Huntington, Kate/A HERO'S HOMECOMING 11-04 Zebra

Jacobs, Della/THE MUDLARK Awe-Struck E-books, Earthling Press
Jacobs, Della/LADY VALIANT 3-04
James, Elosia/A WILD PURSUIT (#1) 3-04 Avon
James, Elosia/YOUR WICKED WAYS (#2) 4-04 Avon
James, Samantha/A PERFECT BRIDE 8-04 Avon
Jeffries, Sabrina/MARRIED TO THE VISCOUNT 1-04 Avon
Jeffries, Sabrina/IN THE PRINCE'S BED (#1 Prince of Wales' sons) 8-04 Simon & Schuster
Jewel, Carolyn/THE SPARE 2-04 Leisure
Justiss, Julia/THE WICKED LOVER 2-04 Berkley
Jordan, Nicole/THE LOVER (reissue) 4-04 Ballantine
Jordan, Nicole/MASTER OF TEMPTATION 5-04 Ballantine

Kerstan, Lynn/GOLDEN LEOPARD (#1 in trilogy) 10-02 Penguin-Putnam/Onyx
Kerstan, Lynn/HEART OF THE TIGER (#2 in trilogy) 5-03 Onyx
Kerstan, Lynn/THE SILVER LION (#3 in trilogy) 11-03 Onyx
King, Valerie/A ROGUE'S REVENGE 5-04 Zebra
King, Valerie/AN ADVENTUROUS LADY 11-04 Zebra
Kingsley, Mary/DIED IN THE WOOL 5-04 Pocket Books
Kinsale, Laura/FOR MY LADY'S HEART medieval (reissue) 3-04 Berkley
Kinsale, Laura/SHADOWN HEART (sequel to FOR MY LADY'S HEART, medieval Europe 14th century) 4-04 Berkley
Kinsale, Laura/THE HIDDEN HEART (reissue) 4-04 Avon
Kinsale, Laura/UNCERTAIN MAGIC (reissue) 4-04 Avon
Kirkland, Martha/A PERFECT SCOUNDREL 10-4 Signet
Kleypas, Lisa/DREAMING OF YOU (REISSUE) 10-03 Avon
Kleypas, Lisa/THEN CAME YOU (reissue) 10-03 Avon
Kleypas, Lisa/WISH LIST 10-03 Leisure
Kleypas, Lisa/AGAIN THE MAGIC (1844) 2-04 Avon
Knight, Susanne Marie/THE RELUCTANT LANDLORD 2-03
Krinard, Susan/THE FOREST LORD (paranormal Regency) 11-02
Krinard, Susan/TO CATCH A WOLF (Fantasy 1880's Denver) 9-03 Berkley
Krinard, Susan/KINSMAN'S OATH (fantasy) 5-04 Berkley Sensation

Layton, Edith/THE RETURN OF THE EARL 10-04 Avon
LaFoy, Leslie/THE PERFECT SEDUCTION 12-03 St. Martin's
Lane, Allison/THE MADCAP MARRIAGE 1-04 Signet
Lane, Allsion/WEDDING BELLES 5-04
Langan, Ruth/PARADISE FALLS (1890 Michigan) Berkley Sensation 3-04
Lansdowne, Judith/JUST IN TIME (1795 England, #1 in Berinwick trilogy) 3-03 Zebra
Lansdowne, Judith/JUST PERFECT (1804 England #2 in Berinwick trilogy) 11-03 Zebra
Lansdowne, Judith/JUST IMPOSSIBLE (#3 Berinwick trilogy) 3-04 Zebra
Laurens, Stephanie/THE LADY CHOSEN Bastion Club series 9-03 Avon
Laurens, Stephanie/A GENTLEMAN'S HONOR (#2 Bastion Club) 9-03 Avon
Laurens, Stephanie/THE REASONS FOR MARRIAGE (reissue) 1-04 Mira
Laurens, Stephanie/THE PERFECT LOVER (paperback release Cynster series) 3-04 Avon
Laurens, Stephanie/THE IDEAL BRIDE (hardback release Cynster series) Avon 3-04
Laurens, Stephanie/A LADY OF HIS OWN 10-04 Avon
Layton, Edith/THE RETURN OF THE EARL 9-04 Avon
Lee, Jade aka Kathryn Greyle/DEVIL'S BARGAIN 7-04 Leisure
Lee, Rebecca Hagan/MERELY THE GROOM (#2 Free Fellows League series) 4-04 Berkley
Lindsey, Johanna/A LOVING SCOUNDREL 5-04 Atria
Lingefelt, Karen/TRUE PRETENSES 11-03 Leisure
Locksy, Christine/A PROPER INTRODUCTION 10-04 Zebra
London, Julia/HIGHLANDER UNBOUND (#1 trilogy Scottish series, 1816) 2-04 Pocket
Long, Julia Anne/THE RUNAWAY DUKE 8-04 Warner Forever

MacAlister, Katie/NOBLE PURSUITS (#3 in trilogy) 1-04 Leisure
MacAlister, Katie/THE TROUBLE WITH HARRY 7-04 Dorchester
MacGregor, Kinley/A DARK CHAMPION (#1 Brotherhood of the Sword series) 5-04 Avon
MacGuinnes, Antony/DEATH IS A DEBT (Regency Mystery) (online story, click here)
MacKeever, Maggie/LOVER'S KNOT 6-04 Zebra
MacKeever, Maggie/AN EXTRAORDINARY FLIRTATON 11-04 Zebra
MacLean, Julianne/AN AFFAIR MOST WICKED sequel to "To Marry the Duke" (1883) 2-04 Avon
Maguire, Margo/NOT WUITE A LADY 3-04 Harlequin Historical
Maitland, Joanna/RAKE'S REWARD (#3, sequel to Marrying The Major) 2-04 Harlequin Historical
Maitland, Joanna/A PENNILESS PROSPECT 11-03 Harlequin Historical
Maitland, Joanna/MARRYING THE MAJOR (reprint) 1-04 Harlequin
Maitland, Joanna/A POOR RELATION 6-04 Harlequin Historical
Manderino, Tara/WHISPER MY NAME 9-02
Mansfield, Elizabeth/POOR CAROLINE & MATCHED PAIRS (duet reissue) 8-04 Signet
Manuel, Lisa/MOSTLY MARRIED 4-04 Zebra
Manuel, Lisa/MOSTLY MAYHEM 9-04 Zebra
Marshall, Paula/RINALDI'S REVENGE 1-04 Harlequin
Marshall, Paula/HESTER WARING'S MARRIAGE 10-04 Harlequin
Martin, Kat/DESERT HEAT (contemporary) 5-04 Zebra
Mason, Connie/THE LAST ROGUE 4-04 Dorchester
Martyn, Isolde/FLEUR-DE-LIS (1793 France) 4-04
Maxwell, Cathy/ALL THINGS BEAUTIFUL (reissue) 9-04 Avon
McCabe, Amanda/THE RULES OF LOVE 4-04 Signet
McCabe, Amanda/STAR OF INDIA 10-04 Signet
McCabe, Amanda/novella in Regency Christmas Magic 10-04
McCabe, Amanda/THE STAR OF INDIA 10-04 Signet
McCabe, Amanda/A SCARLET LADY (Regency historical) spring 2005
McCarthy, Teresa/THE REJECTED SUITOR 4-04 Signet
McCarthy, Teresa/TO MARRY A MARQUESS 8-04 Signet
McGoldrick, May/BORROWED DREAMS (Georgian)#1 5-03 Signet
McGoldrick, May/CAPTURED DREAMS #2 (Georgian) 12-03 Signet
McGoldrick, May/DREAMS OF DESTINY #3 (1772, Georgian, Scottish Dream trilogy) 6-04 Signet
McLaughin, Linda/LADY ELINOR'S ESCAPE 4-04 Amber Quill Press
McLeod, Lesley-Anne/THE RAKE'S REFLECTION 2-03 Awe-Struck E-Books
Medeiros, Teresa/YOURS UNTIL DAWN 8-04 Avon
Metzger, Barbara/WEDDED BLISS 3-04 Signet
Metzger, Barbara/A PERFECT GENTLEMAN 11-04 Signet
Metzger, Barbara/LOVE, LOUISA (contemporary) 6-04 Five Star
Metzger, Barbara/A PERFECT GENTLEMAN 10-04 Signet
Michaels, Kasey/THE BUTLER DID IT 10-04 Harlequin HQN Single Titles
Milburn, Sharon/LORD WHITLEY'S BRIDE Robert Hale UK (hardback)
Mindel, Jenna/KISS OF THE HIGHWAYMAN 3-04 Signet
Monk, Karyn/MY FAVORITE THIEF (#3 adopted children series) 1-04 Bantam
Moore, Margaret/KISS ME AGAIN 2-04 Avon
Moore, Margaret/BRIDE OF LOCHBARR (1235 Scotland) 8-04 Harlequin
Mullins, Debra/THREE NIGHTS... 3-04 Avon

Nash, Sophia/A SECRET PASSION 2-04 Signet
Nash, Sophia/A PASSIONATE ENDEAVOR 8-04 Signet
Nash, Sophia/LORD WILL & HER GRACE spring 2005 Signet
Navin, Jacqueline/THE PRINCESS OF PARK LANE (Mayfair Brides trilogy) 12-03 Berkley
Navin, Jacqueline/THE HEIRESS OF HYDE PARK 8-04 Berkley
Needham, Linda/A SCANDAL TO REMEMBER (Victorian) 9-04 Avon
Novins, Joanna/THE SOUVENIR COUNTESS (1792 France & England) 1-04 Berkley Sensation
Novins, Joanna/SOUVENIR OF LOVE 2-04 Berkley

O'Brien, Judith/ENTER THE HERO 12-03 Pocket

Pall, Ellen (aka Fiona Hill)/CORPSE DE BALLET (#1 Nine Muses Mysteries) paperback release (modern heroine who is a Regency writer!) 8-02 St. Martin's Minotaur
Paquet, Laura/A RAKISH SPY 7-04 Zebra
Paquet, Laura/AN HONORABLE MATCH 10-04 Zebra
Parks, Julia/FORTUNE'S FOOLS 2-04 Zebra
Parson, Kim/LORD TRICKING 5-04 Publish America
Parson, Kim/LORD SIRIUS 2004
Pickens, Andrea/A STROKE OF LUCK 10-03 Signet
Pierce, Barbara/TEMPTING THE HEIRESS (Bedegrayne family sage) 5-04 St. Martin's
Plumley, Lisa/THE MATCHMAKER 9-03 Harlequin Historical
Porter, Cheryl Anne/TO MAKE A MARRIAGE 1-04 St. Martins
Porter, Margaret Evans/ROAD TO RUIN (reissue) 2-04 Signet
Porter, Patricia/BELOVED IMPOSTOR (1511 Scotland) 10-04 Berkley Sensation
Pratt, Cynthia/MISS LINDEL'S LOVE 1-04 Zebra
Pratt, Cynthia/LADY ROMA'S ROMANCE 8-04 Zebra
Pratt, Cynthia/A DUKE FOR CHRISTMAS 10-04 Zebra
Prevel, Mona/THE LOVE-SHY LORD 12-03 Zebra
Putney, Mary Jo/CHRISTMAS REVELS (4 stories) 11-03 Jove
Putney, Mary Jo/UNCOMMON VOWS (reissue) 12-03 Signet
Putney, Mary Jo/A KISS OF FATE (#1 in series 1745 England & Scotland) 7-04 Ballantine
Putney, Mary Jo/THE BARTERED BRIDE (paperback release) 7-04 Ballentine
Putney, Mary Jo/DEARLY BELOVED (reissue) 6-04 Signet

Quick, Amanda/THE PAID COMPANION 7-04 Putnam
Quinn, Julia/WHEN HE WAS WICKED (1824, Francesca Bridgerton's story) 7-04 Avon
Quinn, Julia/MINX (REISSUE with new cover) 8-04 Avon
Quinn, Julia/BRIGHTER THAN THE SUN (reissue with new cover) 8-04 Avon
Quinn, Julia/Hyacinth Bridgerton's story summer 2005
Quinn, Julia/Gregory Bridgerton's story summer 2006

Raleigh, Debbie/MY LORD IMMORTALITY (paranormal trilogy) 12-03 Zebra
Ranney, Karen/THE IRRESISTIBLE MACRAE #2 (Scotland & England 1778) 12-02 Avon
Ranney, Karen/TO LOVE A SCOTTISH LORD #3 (1782 Scotland) 8-03 Avon
Ranney, Karen/SO IN LOVE (1792 Scotland) 7-04 Avon
Reding, Jaclyn/THE SECRET GIFT (contemporary) 1-04 Signet
Richardson, Evelyn/THE SCANDALOUS WIDOW 4-04 Signet
Robins, Sari/ONE WICKED NIGHT 7-04 Avon
Rolls, Elizabeth/THE DUTIFUL DUKE 7-04 Harlequin
Rolls, Elizabeth/THE UNEXPECTED BRIDE 11-04 Harlequin
Rosenthal, Pam/THE BOOKSELLER'S DAUGHTER 1-04 Brava
Ross, Julia/THE SEDUCTION (reissue) 3-04 Berkley Sensation
Ross, Julia/THE WICKED LOVER 5-04 Berkley
Rothwell, Kate/SOMEBODY WONDERFUL 7-04 Zebra
Rowell, Patricia Frances/A SCANDALOUS SITUATION 8-04 Harlequin
Royal, Lauren/ROSE (#3 England 1763) 10-03 Signet

St. George, Nonnie/THE IDEAL BRIDE 10-03 Zebra
St. George, Nonnie/COURTING TROUBLE 5-04 Zebra
Sands, Charlene/JENNA'S GAMBLE TBA Harlequin Historical
Sands, Lynsay/SWEET REVENGE (reissue) 2-04 Penguin
Savery, Jeanne/MY LADY HOUSEKEEPER 4-04 Zebra
Savery, Jeanne/A HANDFUL OF PROMISES 7-04 Zebra
Savery, Jeanne/THE CHRISTMAS MATCHMAKER 10-04 Zebra
Schone, Robin/THE MEN AND WOMEN'S CLUB 1-04? Brava
Scott, Amanda/HIGHLAND PRINCESS 11-04 Warner
Scott, Regina/PERFECTION 10-03 Kensington
Scott, Regina/STARSTRUCK
Simmons, Deborah/A LADY OF DISTINCTION 5-04 Berkley Sensation
Simpson, Donna/LORD PIERSON REFORMS 3-04 Zebra
Simpson, Donna/THE DUKE AND MRS. DOUGLAS 7-04 Zebra
Smith, Barbara Dawson/ONE WILD NIGHT (Kenyon family) 9-03 St. Martin's
Smith, Barbara Dawson/THE WEDDING NIGHT (Kenyon family) 4-04 St. Martin's
Smith, Kathryn/FOR THE FIRST TIME (#1 Ryland Brothers series)10-03 Avon
Smith, Kathryn/IN YOUR ARMS AGAIN (#2 Ryland Brothers series) 6-04 Avon
Soloman, Haley Ann/MY LADY LUCK 4-04 Zebra
Stancavage, Sharon/AN ENCHANTING MINX 10-04 Zebra
Stuart, Anne/HIDDEN HONOR (medieval) 8-04 Mira
Sutcliffe, Katherine/OBSESSION (linked to Miracle & Devotion titles) 1-04 Pocket

Thornton, Claire/GIFFORD'S LADY 8-04 Harlequin Direct
Thornton, Elizabeth/SHADY LADY 2-04 Bantam
Thornton, Elizabeth/A VIRTUOUS LADY (reissue) 4-04 Zebra
Thornton, Elizabeth/TO LOVE AN EARL (retitled, was THE PASSIONATE PRUDE (reissue) 8-04 Zebra

Waddell, Patricia/HE SAID YES (England 1862 #1 The Gentleman's Club series) 9-03 Zebra
Waddell, Patricia/HE SAID NO ( 1863 England, #2 The Gentleman's Club series) 2-04 Zebra
Waddell, Patricia/HE SAID NOW (#3 The Gentleman's Club series) 6-04 Zebra
Waddell, Patricia/HE SAID NEVER (#4 The Gentleman's Club series)10-04 Zebra
Welfonder, Sue-Ellen/BRIDE OF THE BEAST (Scotland 1330) 1-03 Warner
Welfonder, Sue-Ellen/MASTER OF THE HIGHLANDS (1331 Scotland) 8-03 Warner
Welfonder, Sue-Ellen/WEDDING FOR A KNIGHT (1332 Scotland) 10-04 Warner
Westleigh, Sarah/LADY OF INDEPENDANT MEANS, THE OUTRAGEOUS DOWAGER, THE IMPOSSIBLE EARL (3-in-1 book). Aussie Mills Boon Historical Book Club and does overseas orders. (Note by monthly newsletter from Harlequin also lists THE OUTRAGEOUS DOWAGER as a single title, too. Ummmh.)
Whitaker, Gail/AN OFFER TO LOVE 4-02 Harlequin Historicals
Whitaker, Gail/A MOST IMPROPER PROPOSAL 10-02 Harlequin Historicals
Whitaker, Gail/A Scandalous Courtship, in WINTER WEDDINGS, 11/02 Mills & Boon
Whitaker, Gail aka Gail Crease/POSEIDON'S KISS (contemporary) 12/02 Berkley
Whitaker, Gail/AN INNOCENT DECEIT 2-04 Harlequin Historical
Wittich, Justine/THE SHOCKING MISS SHAW 5-03 Five Star Press
Wolf, Joan/WHITE HORSES 8-04 Mira
Woodward, Rhonda/THE WAGERED HEART 12-03 Signet
Wynn, Patricia/THE SPIDER'S TOUCH (#2 Blue Satan Mystery series) hardcover 11-02 Pemberley Press
Wynn, Patricia/ A COUNTRY AFFAIR (e-book reprint) 2-03 Belgrave House

Zahnle, Lucy/THE ROGUE'S REVENGE (Georgian England) 9-02

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