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    The Regency Lover's Book

Miss Grantham's One True Sin

Melynda Beth Skinner

Miss Grantham's One True Sin February 2002

"What happens when a lovers' masquerade becomes real?"


Heiress Marianna Grantham's status-hungry parents are bent on buying their way into Polite Society through their daughter's marriage to a peer--any peer. But Marianna wants to marry for love. After a season without them in London, Marianna is no closer to her goal. Marianna has been lying to her parents, her letters to them full of her successes. Now they're coming to London to meet her almost-betrothed. And she doesn't have one! Marianna is ready to despair until she hears of Truesdale Sinclair, the Viscount Trowbridge. The last in a long line of aristocratic rakes and scoundrels, "True Sin" is handsome, devil-may-care, and far up the River Tick. Surely, Marianna reasons, a sham engagement will keep her parents at bay long enough for her to meet her true love.


Unknown to the ton, True Sin is a rake reformed. A family tragedy has left him the guardian of his three orphaned nieces--and badly in need of funds. Though the ton is fascinated with him, he despises them. He thinks Marianna is just another social climber, and, under ordinary circumstances he would spurn her outrageous proposal, but he's desperate. When their charade throws them together, they both learn each other's true natures...but will that be enough to keep them together? An outrageous and flamboyant old woman comes to the rescue. Ophelia Robertson, a notorious London hostess, has secrets of her own--and more than enough reason to convince these two that they're meant for each other.

Note from Melynda: Miss Grantham's One True Sin is loosely connected to my first book, The Blue Devil. Though both books stand completely on their own, the recurring character of Ophelia binds them and the third book, which I'm working on now, as her own story unwinds throughout the books. I really enjoyed writing Miss Grantham's One True Sin. I fell in love with True Sin, and I hope you will have a great time reading about him!

I have a website where people can find out if I'm online and chat with me live if I am. I have a contest for an autographed cover flat, too.
Here are my books and their publication dates:
The Blue Devil -- August 2001
Miss Grantham's One True Sin -- February 2002
Lord Logic and the Wedding Wish -- February 2003
A fourth, as yet untitled Regency will be out July 2003

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