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    The Regency Lover's Book

Gabriel's Woman

Robin Schone

Gabriel's Woman· September 2001 Kensington

In the erotic tour de force THE LOVER, readers met not only brooding, passionate Michel des Anges, but his lifelong friend--the mysterious Gabriel, a man with a past as dark as the London night. Now, renowned author RobinSchone explores one of her most talked-about characters in a novel that reveals the blackest secrets of a man's soul . . . and the explosive heart of a woman's desire.


Destitute and terrorized by a nameless pursuer, thirty-four-year-old Victoria Childers has only one thing of value left--her innocence. Its price will buy her safety. But Gabriel, the dangerously beautiful man who purchases her, doesn't want her virginity--he wants the man who stalks her. Trapped together in a house where every desire can be fulfilled, Victoria and Gabriel are plunged into a deadly game of passion and pursuit, where the greatest threat is carnal hunger and the only rule is to survive.

Welcome back! Annette Taylor was the winner of April Kihlstrom's "The Widower's Folly". This drawing is featuring Robin Schone's "Gabriel's Woman". Robin will autograph it for the winner.
Good luck to all, Marilyn

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