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Shannon Donnelly

A Much Compromised Lady January 2002 Zebra

Romantic Times gave this book a 4 1/2 stars Gold Medal Review.

Shannon's own words on the book:

"When the Earl of St. Albans walked onto the page in A Dangerous Compromise, I knew I was in trouble. Sinful, rich, and an earl since birth, he strode out ready to take over the book. That's usually a delight, but the problem was that he wasn't the hero of that book. So I did the only thing possible--I made a deal with the devil.

Figuring that the only way to deal with a notorious rake is to take a firm stance, I told him, "Look, if you manage to behave in this book, I'll give you one of your own." He considered the matter, and then smiled. I knew I was in even deeper trouble then.

However, St. Albans proved that underneath his cynical smile is the heart of a gentleman, for he behaved himself perfectly well. So, of course, I had to live up to the bargain and give him his own story. And that meant I needed a rather unusual lady who was more than a match for his sinful soul. A much compromised lady, in fact. And that's how Glynis Chatwin was born, a half-gypsy who wants respectably, not a rake. However, as she learns, St. Albans is a very difficult man to deny. But she has her own gypsy ways of teaching St. Albans a few truths about himself."

This book is part of the "Compromise Series" that began with "A Dangerous Compromise".

My review on the book -- Marilyn

Two strong willed people on a collision course ---

Simon Winters, Earl of St Albans; a green eyed devil with a smile in his eyes that tempts the females; wants nothing more than Glynis as his mistress.

Glynis Chatwin, half Gypsy; hunting for proof of her brother's inheritance; is drawn to Simon for help and much more. Can she gain her goal without losing herself in the shadows and mystery of his steamy glances and the enticing kisses??

The book opens with a bang, the author takes the traditional "compromised lady situation" and turns it on its head. By the end of Chapter Two, you are grinning from the situation she leaves the hero in!!

Glynis sees beyond Simon's dark edges and his self-opinionated views (after all he is an Earl and frequently bails the Prince Regent out of his emergency money problems - big grin).

Enough sexual tension and mystery plotline to keep one reading. An enjoyable book. The secondary characters were also well written and could possibly have interesting books of their own.

Shannon Donnelly also ends the book with a twist, one you will not expect, but is consistent with the story.

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Good luck to all, Marilyn

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