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Fall Wish List

The fall listing of favorite authors is alphabetical. Current books have no date. Dates are approximate.


CAPTIVATED/Robin Schone, Beatrice Small, Susan Johson, Thea Devine - Zebra
A CHRISTMAS KNIGHT/Ruth Langan & others (? date)Harlequin Historical
ENCHANTING KITTENS/ Cindy Holbrook, Nancy lawrence & Haley Ann Solomon - Zebra
MASQUERADE/Elaine Fox, Sharon Pisacreta, Linda Jones, Katherine Deauxville - 10-99 Leisure
MISTLETOE KITTENS/Jo Ann Ferguson, Judith Lansdowne, Regine Scott 11-99 Zebra
Romance Club authors Edith Layton, Eileen Putman, Jane Toombs, Karen Rose Smith, Eileen Charbonnearu have a special anthology. Check for details.
ONCE UPON A STAR/Ruth Langan & Nora Roberts (? date)
PARADISE/Ann Lawrence, Madeline Baker, Bangs & Nance - Leisure
A REGENCY CHRISTMAS/Edith Layton & others - 11-99 Zebra
A REGENCY CHRISTMAS GIFT/Elizabeth Mansfield, Allison Lane & others - 11-99 Signet
Anthology "shared world concept" title unknown/Fairchild, Metzger,Lane, Barbour & Kelly 6-00
SNOWFLAKE KITTENS/Carola Dunn, Mona Gedney, Valerie King - 12-99 Zebra
SWEET DELIGHTS/Cathleen Clare, Alana Clayton & Joy Reed - 9-99 Zebra
STAR OF WONDER/Jo Beverley and others 11-99 Berkley
THE BRIDES OF CHRISTMAS/Deborah Simmons (de Burgh series), Margaret Moore, Jo Beverley - 10-99 Harlequin Historical
UNDER THE BOARDWALK/Miranda Jarrett, Jillian Hunter, Mariah Stewart, Geralyn Dawson - Sonnet/Pocket Books
VEILS OF TIME/Lynn Kurland, Angie Ray, Maggie Shayne & Ingrid Weaver - Berkley

Single Titles

Archer, Catherine/WINTER'S BRIDE 9-99 Harlequin Historical
Ashford, Jane/BRIDE TO BE Bantam
Balogh, Mary/ONE NIGHT FOR LOVE Dell
Barbour, Anne/A MAN OF AFFAIRS Signet
Barnett, Jill/WICKED 9-99 Pocket Historical (series)
Bell, Donna/WORDS OF LOVE 10-99 Zebra
Blair, Catherine/THE HERO RETURNS 12-99 Zebra
Beck, Kathleen/VIRTUE'S PRIZE 10-99 Zebra
Bennett, Janice/THE CANDLELIGHT WISH #1 in trilogy Zebra
Bennett, Janice/THE STARLIGHT WISH #2 in trilogy 11-99 Zebra
Beverley, Jo/AN ARRANGED MARRIAGE reissue 11-99 Zebra Historical
Beverley, Jo/DEVILISH 5-00 Topaz
Bray, Patricia/LORD FREDDIE'S FIRST LOVE 9-99 Zebra
Brisbin, Terri/A MATTER OF TIME 11-99 Jove TT (A MOMENT OF TRUTH - Fall 2000 Jove TT)
Brockway, Connie/THE PASSIONATE ONE (McClairen's Isle) First in trilogy Dell
Browning, Sherri/THE SCOUNDREL'S VOW 9-99 Dell
Bryon, Eve/MY LORD DESTINY 10-99 Avon Historical
Burrows, Geraldine/MISS THORNROSE AND THE RAKE 10-99 Five Star Publishing
Canham, Marsha/SWEPT AWAY 11-99 Dell
Cates, Kimberly/LILY FAIR 11-99 Sonnet Historical
Clay, Marilyn/MISS DARBY'S DEBUT 10-99 Zebra
Claybourne, Casey/CAT AND THE COUNTESS 2-00 Berkley
Collum, Lynn/AN UNLIKELY FATHER 11-99 Zebra
Counts, Wilma/WILLED TO WED 9-99 Zebra
D'Alessandro, Jacquie/RED ROSES MEAN LOVE 10-99 Dell
Deauxville, Katherine/ENRAPTURED
DesJardien, Teresa/MISFIT MARQUESS 9-99 Signet
Dier, Debra/BEYOND FOREVER 11-99
Dier, Debra/DECEPTIONS & DREAMS Zebra Historical
Dodd, Christina/A KNIGHT TO REMEMBER reissue 9-99 Harper
Dodd, Christina/MOVE HEAVEN AND EARTH reissue 9-99 Harper
Dodd, Christina/ONCE A KNIGHT reissue 9-99 Harper
Dodd, Christina/RULES OF SURRENDER 3-00 Avon
Donley, Dorothy/A LADY'S DECIDES 10-99 Zebra
Ewing, Jean Ross/FLOWERS UNDER ICE Berkley
Fairchild, Elisabeth/THE HOLLY & THE IVY 11-99 Signet
Farr, Diane/FAIR GAME 10-99 Signet
Gedney, Mona/MERRY'S CHRISTMAS 11-99 Zebra
Girard, Paula Tanner/THE RELUCTANT GROOM Zebra
Harmon, Danelle/THE DEFIANT ONE - Spring 2000 Avon
Heath, Sandra/THE MAGIC JACK-O'-LANTERN 10-99 Signet
Hendrickson, Emily/MISS HAYCROFT'S SUITORS 9-99 Signet
Hill, Sandra/THE LOVE POTION 12-99 Leisure (contemporary)
Holbrook, Cindy/ON THE FIRST DAY OF CHRISTMAS 11-99 Zebra
Huntington, Kate/THE LIEUTANANT'S LADY 11-99 Zebra
James, Eloisa/POTENT PLEASURES 9-99 Delacorte
Jarrett, Miranda/MOONRISE Spring 2000 Sonnet/Pocket
Jeffries, Sabrina/THE DANGEROUS LORD 3-00 Avon
Jensen, Emma/THE IRISH ROGUE 12-99 Signet
Joy, Dara/HIGH ENERGY 10-99 reissue
Kane, Andrea/THE GOLDEN COIN 9-99 Pocket
Kane, Andrea/THE SILVER COIN 10-99 (linked) Pocket
Kihlstrom, April/THE WILEY WASTREL 10-99 Signet #2 in series
Kihlstrom, April/THE SENTIMENTAL SOLDIER 1-00 Signet #3 in series
Kinsale, Laura/ENCHANTER - Medieval sequel (? Date) Berkley
Kennedy, Shirley/THE LONDON BELLE 9-99 Signet
Kerstan, Lynn/LORD DRAGONER'S WIFE 10-99 Signet
King, Valerie/A CHRISTMAS MASQUERADE 11-99 Zebra
Krinard, Susan/A TOUCH OF THE WOLF 10-99 Bantam
Kurland, Lynn/THE MORE I SEE OF YOU 10-99 Berkley
Lane, Allison/BIRDS OF A FEATHER (spin-off of A BIRD IN HAND)
Lane, Allison/DOUBLE DECEIT 11-99 Signet
Langan, Ruth Ryan/BRIANA #3 of The O'Neil Saga 10-99 Harlequin Historical
Lansdowne, Judith A./MUTINY AT ALMACK'S 10-99 Zebra
Laurens, Stephanie/THE ROGUE'S PROPOSAL 10-99 Avon (series)
Laurens, Stephanie/FOUR-IN-HAND 9-99 reissue @ K-Mart
Lawrence, Ann/LORD OF THE KEEP Medieval (not TT) 12-99 Lovespell
Layton, Edith/THE CHALLENGE 3-00 Harper (spin-off of THE CHOICE)
Malvey, Victoria/A MERRY CHASE 4-00 Sonnet/Pocket
Malvey, Victoria/TEMPTRESS 12-99 Sonnet/Pocket
Mansfield, Elizabeth/MISCALCULATION 7-00 Berkley-Jove
Martin, Kat/SILK & STEEL 1-00 St. Martins
Martin, Kat aka Kasey Mars/THE SILENT ROSE (contemporary) Zebra
Martin, Malia/THE DUKE'S RETURN 9-99 Avon
Maxwell, Cathy/MARRIED IN HASTE Avon
Moore, Margaret/A ROGUE'S EMBRACE 3-00 Avon
Moore, Margaret/A WARRIOR'S KISS 4-00 Harlequin Historical (Warrior's series)
Oliver, Patricia/SCANDALOUS SECRETS 11-99 Signet
Porter, Margaret Evans/THE SEDUCER (sequel to KISSING A STRANGER) 11-99 Avon
Putman/Eileen/NEVER TRUST A RAKE Avon
Putman/Eileen/NEVER KISS A DREAM 2000 Avon Regency Historical
Putney, Mary Jo/THE BARGAIN rewrite of THE WOULD-BE WIDOW 10-99 Signet
Putney, Mary Jo/THE CHINA BRIDE (sequel to THE WILD CHILD) hardcover Summer 2000
Quinn, Julia/THE DUKE AND I - 1-00 Avon
Ranney, Karen/LONGING 2-00 Avon Historical
Ranney, Karen/MY BELOVED 9-99 Avon Historical
Ranney, Karen/TRUE LOVE 2-00
Ray, Angie/A KNIGHT TO CHERISH 9-99 Jove TT
Sands, Lynsey/THE SWITCH (#3) Dorchester (#1 THE DEED, #2 THE KEY)
Savery, Jeanne/A LOVE FOR LYDIA 9-99 Zebra
Savery, Jeanne/TAMING LORD RENWICK 12-99 Zebra
Schone,Robin/THE LADY'S TUTOR Zebra
Schone, Robin/THE LOVER 4-00 Zebra
Scott, Amanda/HIGHLAND SPIRITS 10-99 (Highland Series) Zebra
Scott, Regina/CATCH OF THE SEASON 10-99 Zebra
Simmons, Deborah/THE GENTLEMAN THIEF 1-00 Harlequin Historical Regency
Simpson, Donna/LORD ST. CLAIRE'S ANGEL 12-99 Zebra
Sizemore, Susan w/Marguerite Krause/MOM'S DREAMING 9-99 Starlight
Sizemore, Susan/THE LAWS OF BLOOD:THE HUNT (lst in vampire trilogy) Ace
Sizemore, Susan/HIS BEST HOPE 1-00 SIM
Smith, Barbara Dawson/SEDUCED BY A SCOUNDREL 12-99 St. Martin's Press
Solomon, Haley Ann/MADRIGALS & MISTLETOE 11-99 Zebra
Stover, Deb/STOLEN WISHES 10-99 Zebra Historical
Stover, Deb/A MATTER OF TRUST 1-00 Zebra (contemporary)
Stover, Deb/A MOMENT IN TIME 6-00 Zebra TT
Stuart, Ann/LADY FORTUNE 1-00 Zebra Historical
Thornton, Elizabeth/STRANGERS AT DAWN 11-99 Bantam
Veryan, Patricia/THE RIDDLE OF THE LOST LOVER hardcover 11-99 St. Martin's Press
Veryan, Patricia/THE RIDDLE OF THE LOST LOVER 2-00 Zebra
Watson, Jessie/CHANGING SEASONS (? Date) Zebra
Willingham, Bess/THE HUSBAND HUNT 11-99 Zebra
Wolf, Joan/GOLDEN GIRL 9-99 Warner

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