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The Former Fiance

Teresa DesJardien

The Former Fiance · July 20002 Signet

Someone to Watch over Her…

Robinson Hollister, the sixth Earl of Rosegoode, inherited his title in a tragic fashion - following the death of his older brother at Waterloo and his father's demise soon thereafter. Not accustomed to a gentleman's life of leisure, the earl uses his fortune to fund a protection agency, never imaging who will turn to him for help…

Lady Madeline Donbigh was once courted by Robinson and engaged to wed his brother before misunderstandings drove her apart from them both. Now she needs her former love to protect her from the increasingly violent attentions of a man pursuing her affection. But will she let him guard her heart as well?

"Teresa DesJardien writes with warmth, subtlety, and strength. She's one of the best Regency authors I know." --- Karen Harbaugh

"Teresa DesJardien writes with a power and appeal that is often spellbinding in its intensity." --- Romantic Times

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