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    The Regency Lover's Book

Much Obliged

Jessica Benson

Much Obliged April 2001 Zebra

Here is how Jessica describes her book ---

Like any Regency buck worth his salt, John Fitzwilliam, the Earl of Claremont, rides to perfection. He also shoots to an inch, fences like a master, and seduces females with careless abandon. The only manly art at which he doesn't excel, in fact, is boxing. And at this, the only person who can help him is Addie Winstead, the woman to whom he has been promised since childhood. Addie, who has loved Fitzwilliam for as long as she can remember, knows she can help him with his left hook, but can she also teach him to give her his heart?

Welcome back! Emma Haw was are previous winner of Gayle Wilson's new book, "Anne's Perfect Husband". This drawing is featuring Jessica Benson's "Much Obliged". Jessica will autograph it to the winner.
Good luck to all, Marilyn

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