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The Widower's Folly

April Kihlstrom

The Widower's Folly July 2001 Signet

Here is how April describes her book ---

Well, THE WIDOWER'S FOLLY will be out soon and I thought I'd take a moment to explain a little about how this series came to be. (The first book was THE AMBITIOUS BARONET.)

I've been writing Regencies for a long time. And one of the promises I made for myself early on was that I would not start to repeat myself. That I would never write a book simply to have something to sell. So each time I sit down to write a new proposal, I think carefully about what I really want to write, or need to write.

I wanted to write about sisters. I wanted a "wise woman" figure. And I wanted a locket that "might" be magic because part of the fun would be trying to decide if it really was.

With THE AMBITIOUS BARONET, I needed to write about the children. I knew it was a risk, that some people might be unhappy with that book. But sometimes a writer is simply called to write something and that was the case for me.

With THE WIDOWER'S FOLLY, I had a great deal of fun because Tessa is, after all, a writer like myself. It was a delight to have her discover both the joys and, er, challenges of dealing with publishers. As for the hero William, Lord Rivendale, he adores his daughter but she can't speak. He would do anything to help her do so but the only thing that reaches her are Tessa's books. So when he goes looking for--as he believes--the elderly lady who writes these things, he is in for quite a surprise when he finds Tessa instead. And of course Margaret has a hand in everything!

I hope you enjoy this series. I always find myself falling in love with and caring a great deal about the characters I create and hope that my readers will as well.

Best wishes to all,

April Kihlstrom

THE AMBITIOUS BARONET, Signet Regency, 3/2001

THE WIDOWER'S FOLLY, Signet Regency, 7/2001

Welcome back! Kay VanGundy was the winner of Jessica Benson's new book, "Much Obliged". This drawing is featuring April Kihlstrom's "The Widower's Folly". April will autograph it for the winner.
Good luck to all, Marilyn

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