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Formerly Literacy Volunteers of Wetzel County.
ProLiteracy America (merger of Laubach and Literacy Volunteers of America)

Even With Glasses And A Dictionary, This Dog Can't Read!

The Wetzel-Tyler Volunteers for Better Reading, Inc. can't help Winston, but we can help the many adults and children in our area who need to improve their reading skills. For many reasons, most of those who need assistance are reluctant to ask for help. They need your encouragement. Please help us help them. If you are interested in becoming a tutor or referring an adult learner, please call the phone numbers listed below.

Important Information about Wetzel-Tyler Volunteers for Better Reading, Inc:

It's free.

It's confidential.

One-on-one tutoring gets results.

Each student helps to determine his/her own program of study.

Student and tutor pick the time, place and frequency of sessions.

Contact the Wetzel-Tyler Volunteers for Better Reading, Inc. by calling 1-304-455-1933.

Our Reading Center is located on Parkway and First Street across from Daizell-Viking Glass Co., New Martinsville, WV. Our mailing address is Wetzel-Tyler Volunteers for Better Reading, Inc., P.O. Box 45, Proctor, WV. 26055.

Share your expertise, volunteer assistance to local literacy providers. Visit ProLiteracy America
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