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Mystery Kiss Lord of The Mist Once Upon A Waltz A Secret Love An Unwilling Bride
November 28, 2000 - Hi, welcome back! Judith Lansdowne's new book THE MYSTERY KISS (4-01) is the first of her traditionals. Judith, "The hero and heroine are older than usual. Fleur is a shipbuilder's daughter who was convinced to marry for a title, was abused by her husband and Society. Hartshire is a widower who thinks that his advanced age is why no other woman other than his first wife an ever love him. It's a bit of a Cyrano story. It's a mixture of love, laughter and suspense." She is also in ONCE UPON A WALTZ anthology (3-01)***Julie Byrne whose SCANDAL AND MISS SMITH (10-00 Harlequin reissue) will be having a new release in July titled AN INDEPENDENT LADY.***Shannon Donnelly, " My second Regency, A DANGEROUS COMPROMISE, is due out from Zebra in June 2001. Plus I'll have a short story in the AUTUMN KITTENS Anthology from Zebra in October 2001. And UNDER THE KISSING BOUGH is due in bookstores in late 2001. I'll have a Valentine's story out in 2002, and two more Regencies out in 2002!" ***Stephanie Laurens, Victoria Alexander & Rachel Gibson anthology SECRETS OF A PERFECT NIGHT - Once upon a time, three young women each attend a New Year's Eve ball...The moon shone brightly, music filled the air. Kisses were stolen and promises made. But what happens when morning comes? ***Jo Beverley: "In 2001, there'll be a novella and two novels about three guys called George. Really! They're about the same age, and grew up as neighbors, so they all use different names, but they were all called the patriotic George and there are intersting connections to St. George and the dragon. What's more one of the Georges is Con Somerford, a member of the Company of Rogues, so I'm moving back into that. Anyone who wants to be completely ready for this should be sure to read AN ARRANGED MARRIAGE and AN UNWILLING BRIDE, but especially the latter, because the events of the THE DEVIL'S MISTRESS grow out of that. So, here is what's coming : 10-00 TWELFTH NIGHT (reissue) in FIVE GOLDEN RINGS, Zebra.12-2000 UNWILLING BRIDE (reissue) Zebra, 3-01 - THE DEMON'S MISTRESS, in IN PRAISE OF YOUNGER MEN, NAL Signet, 4-01, THE DRAGON'S BRIDE, Signet Historical, and 8-01, THE DEVIL'S HEIRESS. I've been especially busy because originally, THE DRAGON'S BRIDE was going to be the final story of this set, but as I wrote it I realized that it had to be the second. So, I had to persuade my publisher to switch the order, and then complete the book very quickly. I shipped it off two weeks ago."**** Coming up soon from Sandra Hill (February, 2001) will be THE BLUE VIKING. "This is Rurik's story. Rurik was a secondary character in THE BEWITCHED VIKING. Please note that novel marks a new direction for me...Vikings in Scotland. I sure hope you will be pleased. After that will be MY FAIR VIKING. This is Adam the Healer's story; he was a secondary character in THE OUTLAW VIKING and THE BEWITCHED VIKING. This book marks a different direction for me as well since it is a female Viking story. Picture Adam (who is not a small man) being kidnapped by a Viking warrior Amazon-like woman who is perfectly capable of hoisting my hero over her shoulder and carrying him off to her longship. I describe this book as a combination "My Fair Lady," Pygmalion, Calamity Jane and Xena: Warrior Princess. Laughter is guaranteed. I also have a humorous Christmas anthology coming next October in collaboration with the hilarious Trish Jensen and Kate Holmes (aka Anne Avery). Still on the drawing boards (in other words, not written) are: a sequel to THE LAST VIKING and TRULY, MADLY VIKING, involving the third brother, Magnus; a sequel to THE LOVE POTION, involving Luc's brother, Remy; and a sequel to FRANKLY, MY DEAR and SWEETER SAVAGE LOVE, involving more of the Baptiste family", Sandra reports.***
The Blue Viking Captain Cupid Takes A Shot Brighton Flirtation  Belles Beau Valentine Rogues
Deborah Hale, "I have another Regency coming out in June, titled THE WEDDING WAGER. I'll be working on my seventh book for Harlequin Historicals, CARPETBAGGER'S wIFE, and hopefully another Regency or Georgian-era story after that."***Candice Hern, "My next Regency for Signet will be MISS LACEY'S LAST FLING and is scheduled for release in February 2001. It is the story of a quiet, country mouse of a girl who learns she has only 6 months to live and decides to really LIVE. No, she doesn't actually die, but she does manage to stir up a lot of trouble before learning her diagnosis was a mistake. My historical romance from Avon has been re-scheduled yet again. It is now due to be published in January 2002. The title is yet to be determined. I will post more information when I have it. I will also post the opening chapter as we get closer to publication date." *** Sherry-Anne Jacobs (aka Anna Jacobs) likes to write about Northern England - SEASONS OF LOVE (12-00), and OUR POLLY (2-01). "I have another regency coming out the middle of 2001 from Severn House UK. This one is called A FORBIDDEN EMBRACE and is about a young lady from the North of England. So many regencies have southern heroines, I wanted to redress the balance", Sherry noted.***Cathy Maxwell brings us up-to-date: the third book of the "Marriage" trilogy THE MARRIAGE CONTRACT (2-01)is Anne and Lord Tiebauld's story. Cathy has signed another contract with Avon and is working on "The Spender Stud" (tentative title) (2002).***Julia Ross' next book (The English Georgian one) will be released in August 2001. We're still waiting for final confirmation on the title. she said."***Ann Lawrence has a medieval historical romance due June 2001, LORD OF THE MIST. You must go to Ann's site and see the cover for THE LORD OF THE MIST!! My favorite model! (sigh, grin)
Lord Of The Mist The Duke A True Prince A Sister's Quest Maiden Bride
Barbara Dawson Smith: "I'm just now finishing up book 2 about the Kenyon family, which will go on sale next summer."*** THE DUKE is Book 1 in Gaelen's new series, the Knight Miscellany series.Coming in Spring 2002! Two books in two consecutive months, which means no more waiting for the latest romance from Gaelen Foley. The next two stories in the the Knight Miscellany series, are about the dangerous, irresistible twins of the Knight family returning from the Napoleonic wars, one a hot-blooded soldier, the other a cool, cunning spy...LORD OF FIRE and LORD OF ICE.***April Kihlstrom, " I have a new series coming out. The first book in my "magic locket" series is THE AMBITIOUS BARONET and it is due out in March of 2001... Do you really see your true love when you open it for the first time or is it only a trick of the imagination? And just who is Margaret, who lives in the woods as a healer and a rescuer of children?"***Katherine Kingsley, " I'm now working on the spin-off from IN THE PRESENCE OF ANGELS, Pip and John-Henry's story, entitled LILIES ON THE LAKE."*** ***Elizabeth Thornton's new book as yet untitled is set in 1816, with a war widow, inherits a legacy and finds herself plunged into a deadly game of greed, lust for power and murder. Elizabeth said it would be published in 2001, it will make two in 2001! "For those who read WHISPER HIS NAME, Richard Maitland and Harper play supporting roles in this book, and in the next book, Richard has his own story. Harper will be there, too," Elizabeth said. *** Carola Dunnhas signed with Signet to write two more regencies. One will be a sequel to LIBBY'S LONDON MERCHANT and the other a book that takes place during the war in Spain. At her website there is a list of all the new mysteries she is doing.*** Julia Quinn's new book THE VISCOUNT WHO LOVED ME (where Anthony Bridgerton finally meets his match) coming out December 2000. She hopes to have the cover up sometime in August and the first chapter in October on her website.***Each of the Ballad Historical Books will be in addition to being a "stand alone book", will also be part of a two-to-six book series by the same author.
Lady Chadwick's Champion Scandalous The Viscount Who Loved Me Educating Emily To Tame A Wild Heart
Deborah Matthews fourth book is due in 2-01, THE DUCHESS AND THE DEVIL. It is a Kensington Precious Gem historical set in Regency England.*** Connie Mason's A TASTE OF SIN is the first of three. The next book will be about the older brother Julian - A BREATH OF SCANDAL in 2001, Emma's story, A TOUCH SO WICKED due 2002.*** Sabrina Jeffries " A DANGEROUS LOVE, the first book in my Swanlea Spinsters trilogy has been moved up to a 11-00 release", she said. "My just finished book has a hero who's a former smuggler and the bastard son of a famous (now dead) highwayman! The book is out next October, but the character first appears in my November title." Sabrina has finished the first book of a trilogy due out Jan 2001 - THE MAN OF AFFAIRS. Sabrina also starting her latest historical romance, tentatively titled THE HIGHWAYMAN'S SON. ***Barbara Miller's next book is THE GUARDIAN coming early 2001. ***Stephanie Laurens's #7 installment of the Bar Cynster series is CHILLINGWORTH'S STORY from Avon Books in September 2001. #8 is Amanda's, #9 Amelia's, and #10 takes place at a later date and is about Simon. *** Donna Simpson third linked book, LADY MAY'S FOLLY due out 2-01 is the story of Lady Grishelda May van-Hoffen (who made her appearance in LADY DELAFONTE'S DILEMMA) as she learns the truth about herself and love. In January 2001, Donna has a novella in the Valentine Rogues & Rakes Anthology (another nice cover, grin). Her next book is MISS TRUELOVE BECKONS 6-01 by Zebra. BELLE OF THE BALL is not yet scheduled for release by Zebra.
Midnight Honor Sea Nymph In Praise of Younger Men Christmas Charm
One of my old favorite Regency authors is Gail Whitaker aka Gail Crease. Here is what she said recently: "As to my next Regency title AN INNOCENT DECEIT, it's coming out in October with Mills & Boon Historicals. Unfortunately, M&B historicals aren't available over here, which is why there's been no mention of my last two Regencies either. They have to be ordered through Amazon's UK branch, and sometimes, they only list the hard cover version of it which sells for over $20.00! I do want to let Regency readers know I'm not dead! Hopefully a few of them have wonderful memories like yours! I also write as Gail Crease. I have my first contemporary paranormal romance coming out with Berkley's Magical Love line in October, entitled The Dream Spinner." *** Joan Overfield aka Carolyn Madison wants readers to know she has plans for Lord Falconer and he is the hero of her next book. The working title of my next book is THE SINISTER SPINSTER. Hero is Adam, Marquess of Falconer from SCOTSMAN, and the heroine is Miss Elizabeth Mattingale, a pert companion who gets accused of being a notorious French spy.... It is a light and traditional Regency with a bit of a serious undertone.... and a sexy Russian prince certain to set the ladies hearts a fluttering. The hero and heroine of THE SCOTSMAN AND THE SPINSTER put in a brief appearance as publish date at this time," Joan said.*** Diane Farr reports, "Some of you will be glad to know that Signet bought my proposal for the book about Lord Rival from FALLING FOR CHLOE!" ***Kate Huntington, Zebra Regency author will have a new book MISTLETOE MAYHAM, Christmas 2000.***Laura Kinsale's ENCHANTER (sequel to FOR MY LADY'S HEART) is Allegreto's story, set in the late 14th century. The manuscript is scheduled to be completed by April, 2001, although a publication date has not been set***
The Riddle of The Reluctant Rake Rules of Engagement Beauty Like The Night Lord Nightingale's Christmas A Scandalous Proposal
April Kihlstrom: "THE AMBITIOUS BARONET (first in my "magic locket" series) is due out March 2001. The 3 book series will feature three sisters and a wise woman/healer named Margaret, who lives in the woods," April said.*** ***From a recent newsletter, Patricia Veryan reported that THE RIDDLE OF THE SHIPWRECKED SPINSTER is now in New York and she was expecting the copy-edited manuscript soon. It's still scheduled for April. "Mean while, I've submittted the Outline for another book, tentatively entitled THE RIDDLE OF THE DEPLORABLE DANDY, which is a sequel to SHIPWRECKED SPINSTER," she said.***Candice Hern has a Signet Regency scheduled for February 2001, tentatively titled "The Last Season" It is the story a a shy mousy young woman who learns she has only 6 months to live and decideds to live it up! No, she doesn't die, but she does cause a lot of trouble before she realizes the doctor was wrong. Candice is also working on a long historical romance for Avon an unconfirmed early 2001 publish date. This is of a woman sold at auction by her husband. Title and date unconfirmed as yet.*** Sandra Hingston(aka Mallory Burgess), "Those who are wondering whose story will come next in the School for Scandal series, I'm pleased to report that I've finished the second book, How to Redeem a Rogue, in which bitchy Katherine Devereaux finally learns to be a human being and, in the process, makes her peace with Gwen and Bess. Oh, and I nearly forgot,there's a man in there, too. His name is...well, nobody's sure what his name is, least of all Katherine. "*** ***Elena Greene: "I just finished THE WEDDING WAGER, a novella scheduled for Zebra's 2001 JUNE BRIDES anthology. THE INCORRIGIBLE LADY CATHERINE is due the summer of 2001 and Lady Catherine has two school friends who are also clamoring to have their stories told. I'm having fun with the THREE DISGRACES; I hope that eventually readers will, too."***Jesse Watson's new book THE COUNTRY MOUSE deals with a less than graceful hero and and the sensible, bold Lavinia, whose servants are plotting for a match between them (December 2000 Zebra). Janis: The scene where the hero and heroine meet was actually written many years ago, but the idea of a less than graceful hero stayed with me and I resurected it for THE COUNTRY MOUSE. I noticed John DeSalvos is on the cover right off the bat!! (Can you tell he is my favorite model? - grin) Can you find him in the other covers in this issue?)

The Country Mouse His Stolen Bride Magical Kittens Virtual Desire Brighton Honeymoon
Mary Balogh has completed the sequel to MORE THAN A MISTRESS - NO MAN'S MISTRESS. "For those of you waiting for the sequels to ONE NIGHT FOR LOVE, I am writing Lauren's story. In this book, I am introducing a family of hellions, four brothers and two sisters. I am already rubbing my hands in glee over a prospective six books about the Bedwyns." Mary reports. "I am hoping that since Dell liked Lauren's story, they may let me do one about Gwen, as it was my original idea for Neville, Lauren, and Gwen's stories to be a trilogy." "Dell is currently looking at 5 or 6 of my older books with a view to buying and reissuing them somewhere down the road. Nothing real definite this year, but I'm hoping," Mary said.***Shelley Bradley's current work consists of her medieval trilogy, the last book of which comes out March 2001. She said, "in October 2001, I'll have a Victorian Christmass book, set in 1852. 2002 should see the release of another early Victorian (1837) and possible another Regency. You and several others have asked for another Regency, so I might do that. I enjoyed it the first time, so why not?"*** Elizabeth Boyle, " I finally have confirmation from Avon as to the title of my next book, ONCE TEMPTED, which will be a July 2001 release. Here is a brief peek at the story: When the Marquis of Bradstone drowned, any hope of Miss Olivia Sutton seeing her name cleared of murder sank with him. After seven long years, her faithless lover makes a miraculous return to London. But what the Marquis doesn't bargain for is that a lady once ruined, never forgets."***Patricia Bray's newest book WHO WANTS TO BE A DUCHESS? is a story of a new Duke must be married by his thirtieth birthday, which is just four weeks away. Faced with the urgent need for a wife, his younger brother suggests that Marcus place an advertisement for his Duchess, and laughingly pens the ad. But no one is laughing when the advertisement is accidentally delivered to the newspaper, and printed for all to see. Within days Marcus has received hundreds of letters from women eager to become the next Duchess of Torringford. Now all he has to do is choose among them.... Coming in Fall 2001.*** Writing in the tradition of Zorro and The Scarlet Pimpernel, Patricia Wynn delivers her newest book, THE BIRTH OF BLUE SATAN, a heady blend of historical mystery and romantic adventure. THE BIRTH OF BLUE SATAN, first in a mystery series, will be available as a hardcover from Pemberley Press in Spring, 2001. ***Shelly Thacker's working title in progress is JUST BEFORE MIDNIGHT.*** Eloisa Jameshas finished ENCHANTING PLEASURES.*** Sherri Cobb South's BRIGHTON HONEYMOON, is sequel to THE WEAVER TAKES A WIFE. Sherri: "Next fall there'll be a third Weaver book, FRENCH LEAVE, which features the Weaver's villain as its hero." ***
Julia London's THE ROGUES OF REGENT STREET - The third book THE BEAUTIFUL STRANGER is about Lord Arthur Christian, brother of Alex Christian from WICKED ANGEL mid 2001.*** See you in the spring. Happy Reading! Marilyn
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