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March Edition
Favorite Authors


Mary Jo Putney has reissue of "The Diabolical Baron" 7-99, "The Wild Child" 8-99 and "The Bargain" rewrite of "The Would-Be-Widow" 9/99
Karen Harbaugh " Miss Carlyle's Curricle" - May 1999
Deb Stover working on (tentative title) "Indecent Exposure" for Kensington
Elizabeth Mansfield reprint of "Passing Fancies" - March 1999
Margaret Evans Porter "The Seducer" sequel to "Kissing A Stranger" - 11/99
Mary Balogh "Captured Hearts" anthology (Topaz) and "One Night for Love" (Dell 8/99)
Jo Beverley "Secrets of The Night" (Brand's story) 5/99. December 1999
will see reprints of "An Arranged Marriage", "An Unwilling Bride" and "A Christmas Angel"
April Kihlstrom "The Reckless Barrister" April 1999, "The Wily Wastrel" Oct 1999, "The Sentimental Soldier" early 2000, "Miss Tibbles Rusticates" June 2000?
Monique Ellis' "Dauntry's Dilemma" 4/99 takes the first step toward linking the world of North's Irregulars and characters from the Fortescue series
Candice Hern has "The Best Intentions" early May
June Calvin "Siege of Hearts" July 1999


Christina Dodd has "The Runaway Princess" out 3/99. Reprints of earlier books "The Greatest Lover In All England", "Outrageous", and "Candle In The Window" are available

Sandra Hill, has added the fourth in her Viking series, "The Bewitched Viking" (Tyker's story). The first were "The Outlaw Viking", "Tarnished Lady" and "The Reluctant Viking". Her "Love Me Tender" is contemporary and very funny. She is working on "Love Potion" coming out Jan 2000.

The Outlaw Viking

Shelly Thacker, one of my favorite authors, is bringing out a new one May 11th. It is "Into The Sunset" a Western Historical. Her "A Stranger's Kiss" and "Midnight Rider" are among my favorite books.

May 11, 1999
see booksale lists on my home page
see booksale lists on my home page
Other Goodies to Read
Marsha Canham (stepback cover)
Danelle Harmon
The Wild One
see booksale lists on my homepage
Sabrina Jeffries' series
Debra Dier
Deb Stover
Patricia Coughlin
June Calvin
Kasey Michaels
Updated 2-27-99

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