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The Regency Lover's Book Review


The Earl's Prize

Nicola Cornick
Mills and Boon Regency Historical
September 2002
Rating: Very Good
Read 8.28.02

Amy Bainbridge (daughter of a notorious gambler) finds herself in a strange situation! For one who hates gambling, the lottery ticket she has found is worth 30,000 pounds. What is she to do --- find the real owner or keep it, since her family desperately needs money?

Joss Tallant (gambler, hardened rake and womanizer), the true owner of the lottery ticket is surprised that Amy isn't dazzled by his looks or wealth.

How he deals with Amy and she with her lottery winnings was an interesting play of emotions and dialog with page turning interest (no lag in the storyline).

I love heroes who deep inside have a code they won't break. Joss could have swept Amy off her feet, seduced and left her. But something about her intrigued him; kept him close. He found himself protective of her and yet unaware of his falling in love with her.

Do you remember the warm satisfied feeling you had when you finished a good Georgette Heyer Regency?? The Earl's Prize made me feel that way, and not many Regencies can do that anymore. (grin) --- Marilyn Malone

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