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The Regency Lover's Book Review

The Secret

The Secret by Kat Martin March 2001

Kate Rollins worked as an advertising executive in Los Angeles. Mired in a floundering marriage, she has a near death experience after a drive by shooting. The drive by shooting sent her on a near death journey where she meets the grandmother she never knew. She senses a tragedy and murder through feelings her grandmother transmits to her. Newly divorced Kate moves herself and young son to the house and roadside diner she inherited in Montana. There she finds herself embroiled in local efforts to prevent a mining company from destroying local water supplies and poisoning cattle and wildlife. Here she comes in contact with a sexy rancher, Chance McLain. An instant attraction occurs though Kate isn't ready to accept a man back into her life yet. The characterization of Chance and his realization of the depths of his feelings for Kate; while he is still tied to another woman is finely drawn. Very sensual, this plotline speeds up after a slow startup and the last one third of the book keeps the reader turning pages as the events occur at a fast pace. I enjoyed the characters and the different love plotline found in this story.

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