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The Regency Lover's Book Reviews
Signet Regency Books for September & October 2002

The Scandalous Journey
Susannah Carleton
Signet 9-02
Read 8-05-02
Rating: enjoyable (3.0)

Talk about role reversal --- George Winterbrook, Earl of Weymouth has been kidnapped by his former sister-in-law Arabella! She has abducted his niece to force him into marriage with her.

Beth Castleton has been taken hostage along with George's niece. With the help of two servants, Beth, George and his niece flee from Scotland and make their way to London.

The author has the couple in the midst of several adventures and the story moved right along. The consequences of being a young female alone in an unmarried man's company is explored --- remember English society had rigid rules that young ladies had to abide by or be disgraced. Except for a lag in mid story, it had a good ending. Both the hero and heroine were interesting characters. --- Marilyn Malone

Cupid's Choice
Gayle Buck
Signet 9-02
Read 8-23-02
Rating: Good (3.5)

Gayle Buck's "Cupid's Choice" is the warm rich story of a relationship between a shy young woman and a worldly diplomat.

Guin Holland, is the shy and beleaguered daughter of a very self centered woman; who believes her son is the only worthy child she has.

Sir Frederick Hawkesworth, a noted diplomat sees the quiet intellect behind Guin's demeanor and is determined to help her become more self-confident and less under her mother's denigration.

Along the way, Guin loses her heart to Sir Frederick, but can he ever see her in a romantic way??

It was nice to see Frederick give Guin the confidence and encouragement to come out of her shell. A very nice man! Interesting dialog and characterizations bring this tale to life, a satisfying read. ---- Marilyn Malone

Lord Nick's Folly
Emily Hendrickson
Signet 9-02
Rating 3.0
Read 8-24-02

Emily hendrickson's "Lord Nick's Folly" provides us with a mystery and the dawning appreciation between Nick and Nympha.

It was enjoyable to see how Nick became aware of Nympha and his care and protection for her.

The author deals with the villain in a most uncommon way!

This sequel to "The Ivory Dragon" kept my attention throughout . I liked it. --- Marilyn Malone

The Captain's Secret
Jenna Mindel
Signet October 2002
Rating 3.0 Enjoyable
Read 9-23-02

Susannah Lacey can't fathom the altered Captain Winston Jeffries. Winston is distant, very different from the ardent young man she remembers. Susannah catches glimpses of the man she's loved for three years. Can she make him believe love is possible for them??

The physical and emotional repercussions of war on returning soldiers; is the main theme in "The Captain's Secret." Do any of us realize the memories these men carry for a lifetime; affecting all that they touch??

Jenna Mindel can bring the reader inside the character's thoughts and emotions. Her secondary characters flesh out the book without overwhelming the story of the hero and heroine.

I found this an enjoyable read. --- Marilyn Malone

The Storybook Hero
Andrea Pickens
October Signet
Rating 3.5
Read 9.6.02

"The Storybook Hero" is a good adventure/romance placed in the midst of Napoleon's advance on Moscow.

Thomas Sheffield rescues Octavia Hadley and her young student in the midst of the coldest weather experienced in Russia. They evade the French troops and murderers intend on killing Thomas' young cousin (evil uncle wants child's fortune). The scene in which Octavia saves them from the French soldiers is unique!

I was loathe to lay this book down to attend to daily chores! A page turner, a Keeper!! --- Marilyn Malone

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