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The Regency Lover's Book Review


The Diamond Key
Barbara Metzger
4-03 Signet
Rating 3.5 - enjoyable, page turner
Read 2-18-03

Rescued from a fiery death, Torrie finds herself in the warm, strong grasp of Wynn Ingram's arms.

This can't be the man, all have warned her against. This can't be the man described as a rake and possible murderer!

The story of Torrie's quest for a husband, is touched with humor, her character is guided by an open-mindedness that is seldom seen in a heroine, young or otherwise. Wynn is an honorable conscientious man, who puts others before his own desires. At times this isn't a happy choice when faced with a woman he wishes he could spend the rest of his life with.

The author has given many temptations to the hero; how he deals with them is excellent.

Pages of colorful characters round out the story of this "page turner." I was involved till the end of the book. Thank you Barbara!

Marilyn Malone

Lavender Blue
Sandra Heath
4-03 Signet
Rating 3 - Enjoyable read
Read 2-12-03

"Lavender Blue, dilly, dilly"

We all have heard this song, but author Sandra Heath, gives a meaning to the old lyrics, combining them with the ancient heroes and the Old English harvest rites celebrated every nineteen years by the peasants on a certain lord's estate.

The tale is thick with references to the Ancient Gods - Zeus, Hades, Persephone. While I loved mythology and recognized the different names, it might put some readers off. The author has tried very hard to explain the different gods during the story.

The hero Jovian, Duke of Chavange, returns to his country estate, to find himself embroiled in pagan rites of harvest. Sir Erabus Lethe has placed Jovian under his spell. How he does this, is an interesting wrinkle of the tale.

This has affected Jovian's whole life; he becomes a drunken wastrel, and breaks the heart of his beloved Lady Anthea Wintour.

Lavender plays a large part of the story; by song; the appearance of The Lavender Lady in the pagan rites and the magical properties of the lavender itself.

Characters range from a shape shifting hare, who is a nasty person - to the interesting relationship of a pair of long-lost friends.

I liked the hero, who isn't what he seems, grin. His special gifts enhance the story. Lavender eyed Lady Anthea isn't a "too stupid to live" heroine, either. She desperately wants to save Jovian from Lethes' grasp.

Sandra Heath is an author known for her paranormal Regencies, and this one held my interest. Not a keeper but an excellent excuse for an afternoon to relax and leave this world behind.

Marilyn Malone

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