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The Regency Lover's Book Reviews
Signet Regency Books for November & December 2002

The Golden Feather
Amanda McCabe
Signet 11-02
Read 10-11-02
Rating 3.0 (Fair)

Justin's mysterious sense of recognition was nothing compared to Caroline's !!!!

Did he recognize her as Mrs. Archer, owner of the gaming hell he was recently in??

Will she be the center of scandal as she returns to Society to help launch her younger sister?

An enjoyable light romance - Caroline's double life has the ability to bring her grief.

A more mature hero emerges as story unfolds, one more sensible than the rascal he was before going to India. Both hero and heroine were likeable characters. --- Marilyn Malone

Kindred Spirits
Allison Lane
Signet 11-02
Read 10-16-02
Rating 2.5 (so-so)

Colonel Jack Caldwell saved the young child Marianne, twelve years ago from the French Army.

She has been sequestered at her father's estate since then, believing that she is insane.

Jack is plagued by nightmares and belief that he is a coward. Marianne saves him from a suicide attempt.

Story is very moody, both main characters have depressing lives. I could not get involved with the storyline --- Marilyn Malone

The Rake's Mistake
Gail Eastwood
Signet 11-02
Read 10-18-02
Rating 2.5 (so-so)

The romance in "The Rake's Mistake" is almost overwhelmed by the information on sailboat design and racing. There is a mystery, an art forgery which could ruin the heroine's stepson. The hero is admonished by friends and family alike, not to have anything to do with the notorious widow. But heck, his first thoughts are of her becoming his mistress and that she isn't worthy enough to join to his family. I didn't get good vibes from this hero. The heroine has had a hard time of it, her history precludes her to scandal. It was her father's notoriety and his use of her as his model for his art academy that ruined her reputation.

If you like sailboat racing, you will enjoy the information on ships and building design of same... --- Marilyn Malone

The Wedding Journey
Carla Kelly
Signet 12-02
Read 10-22-02
Rating 4.0 (Great)

"The Wedding Journey" is a marriage of convenience occurring right in the middle of Wellington's troops' retreat to Portugal. I found that Ms Kelly can give her characters many emotions and have them behave completely human-like. (no starchy cardboard characters) The old saying "that there is a little bit of good in the worst of us" is displayed here with several of her secondary characters that add warmth to what must have been a terrible and dreary escape to the border of Portugal.

I love shy heroes and Captain Jess Randall is such a one. Strong, intelligent, he ministers to the battle wounded, his doctor skills are tested to the limit and his admiration for Nell Mason has held true for many years. He just can't seem to muster the words to tell her. Then, suddenly their lives are plunged into panic, and in the middle of it all, he asks Nell to marry him, to save her from a lecher that is determined to ruin her.

Their trip and all the adventures that occur to them, kept me riveted to the book. Humor and at times tears surfaced during the story. It definitely had me in it's thrall. --- Marilyn Malone

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