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Favorite Authors Summer Edition

Hello everyone, welcome back .

This summer has an especially fine list of Regencies and Historicals to pick from. My eyes have been caught by the latest stepback covers, especially those of Katherine Kingsley's "Sound of Snow", Lisa Kleypas' "Someone To Watch Over Me", and Kat Martin's "Night Secrets".

Kat Martin said, "In July, I have "The Silent Rose", a contemporary romantic suspense, a little bit scary and a whole lot sexy."

I found a new author - Ann Lawrence. I have to admit the cover of "Virtual Heaven" jumped out and grabbed me! I picked it up twice and put it back (since I had already spent my monthly book allowance), admired the cover (grin - you will especially like the back cover) and read the back. On the third time, I skimmed the first chapter and was hooked! She has a vivid imagination and a dream hero to sigh for! This is Ann's first book, I believe. I will undoubtedly be looking for her next book. (cover included in this Edition)

Another book which is beckoning me from the shelf is Sandra Hill's "Bewitched Viking". I am wondering if Sandra wrote the back cover - it is hilarious!! Sandra's "The Tarnished Lady" is a possible reissue from Leisure. In December, her book "The Love Potion" is due out. Then next summer, a sequel to "The Last Viking", a contemporary time-travel called "The Mad Viking" is due out she said.

A favorite author of mine, Miranda Jarrett has the fourth addition to her Fairbourne family saga. "Moonlight" is coming out June 5 in bookstores. The family story is continued with "Under The Boardwalk, an anthology out in July. Both books are by Sonnet/Pocket Books.

Ruth Langan also started a new series this year - The O'Neil Saga. "Rory" came out in April. Ireland during Elizabeth I's reign is the backdrop for the stories of Conor (July ) and Briana (October).

Ruth is currently working on a three book series for Harlequin Historicals. "Sirens of the Sea" will be about three proper English sisters who take over the family business after their father and brother die in a shipwreck. Need I say that the family business is piracy -- to gain your attention?

Zebra is establishing a new line of books - Ballads. Judith Lansdowne will be one of the authors.

Zebra is also bringing another Regency author onboard. In February 2000 they will release Patricia Veryan's "The Riddle of the Lost Lover".

Candice Hern's next book will be a Regency-set historical from Avon. Working title has been "Touched By Fire", but she said that the title probably will be changed. Probable release for fall of 2000.

Among fall releases are Debra Dier's "Beyond Forever", Lynn Kerstan's "Lord Dragoneer's Wife" and Diana Farr's "Fair Game" to name a few.

Stephanie Laurens continues her Bar Cynster series with #4 "A Rogue's Proposal" (Avon 10-99).

Edith Laytonís newest novel "The Choice" is a wonderful sequel to the memorable "The Cad".

Deb Stover brings us her first Historical, a Western in October. Though titled "Stolen Wishes", in her mind it will always be "Maid Marian and The Marshall". "A Matter of Trust", her first contemporary romance and part of Kensington's Bouquet line, is due out in January 2000. Deb said she just sold a time travel story to Zebra. "The Legend" is the working title, out in June 2000.

One of my favorite authors April Kihlstrom, has several books coming out. October will see "The Wily Wastrel", early 2000 "The Sentimental Soldier" and June 2000,"Miss Tribble Rusticates".

Angie Ray's "A Knight to Cherish" is due out September by Jove.

I read a teaser on Susan Krinard's "Touch of the Wolf". (October Bantam). It has me intrigued, it is part of werewolf series.

Elizabeth Thornton (I have many of her books on my shelves) has "Strangers at Dawn" in November.

Victoria Malvey and Pocket Books have "Temptress" coming out in December 1999.

Karen Ranney has "Longing" out in February 2000. A historical by Avon.

Amanda Scott has another title for her Highland series. "Highland Spirit" is due out October 1999 by Zebra.

"The Lady's Tutor" and "Captivated" are Doubleday Book Club Selections by Robin Schone that sound very interesting.

"My Lord Destiny" by Eve Bryon is an Avon Historical due out in October.

Lynn Kurland has "The More I See You" this October from Berkeley.

Jill Barnett's "Wicked" comes out this September. It is one of the historical series from Pocket Books.

Mary Balogh's 1990 "A Promise of Spring" will be reissued by Regency Press in June 2000. Mary is working on a historical - "The Rake's Mistress" is due out in early June from Dell. Severn House Publishing is issuing a hard cover edition of "A Chance Encounter".

Jean Ross Ewing has a historical from Berkeley in September; title is unknown at present.

January 2000 sees arrival of Anne Stuart's "Lady Fortune" a historical from Zebra.

"The Defiant One", third in the de Montforte series by Danelle Harmon is due in 2000. Danelle said she would soon be starting on Lucien's (the Duke of Blackheath's) book, which I know I have been waiting for! Her website has been recently updated.

Deborah Simmons continues the medieval deBurgh family with "The Unexpected Guest" in "The Brides of Christmas" anthology by Harlequin Historical. She has a regency historical "The Gentleman Thief" scheduled for January 2000.

Jo Beverley's long awaited story for Rothgar "Devilish" is due out April 2000. "Secrets of the Night" Brand's story is out June this year. Also Jo has a story in "The Brides of Christmas" anthology from Harlequin Historical.

Janice Bennett's "The Candlelight Wish" is the first of new trilogy.

Christina Dodd has five books coming out now through September 1999. New ones are the "Scottish Brides" anothology and "The Runaway Princess". Reprints of three oldies (from Harper) are "Move Heaven and Earth", "Once A Knight" and "A Knight To Remember".

With this I will close and give you the goodies that will be out this summer and fall. Enjoy! Bye, Marilyn
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