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The Marriage Masquerade.jpg

Teresa DesJardien

The Marriage Masquerade December 2001 Signet

After a heated public debate ends her engagement, Lady Lucianne Gordon has to endure the humiliation of a fourth season. To save herself from gaining a reputation as a spinster, Lucy must obey her godmother -- who just happens to be Queen Charlotte -- and be paired off with an eligible bachelor at Her Majesty's masquerade ball.

Lord Oxenby has always prided himself on being a friend of the queen, but he is perplexed when she orders him first to join Lady Lucianne as "Lord and Lady of the Masquerade," and then later as her husband. Oxenby and Lucy have not been friends since a miscommunication between them years ago, and being forced into marriage is difficult for both of them. But living together as man and wife just may be what the couple needs to fall in love.

"Teresa DesJardien writes with a power and appeal that is often spellbinding in its intensity." -- Romantic Times

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