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The Regency Lover's Book Review

The Passion by Nicole Jordan

The Passion by Nicole Jordan

The Passion Notorious Series Book 2 November 2000

1813 Western Indies, Nicholas Sabine, has been arrested and condemned to death as a pirate. Lady Aurora Demming, desperate to avoid her father's arranged marriage, has agreed to marry a man scheduled to die the next day. Her dreams are visited with the handsome man she married. Now a widow, Aurora is back in England, determined to live an independent life. Can she keep her senses under control after experiencing the pleasures of the wedding bed? Who is the handsome cousin of her dead husband?

I found the book very entertaining and a keeper. This is linked to Nicole's previous book "The Seduction". Several secondary characters are well characterized and made me want to read "their" story! I liked this even better than The Seduction. Her writing style has improved and the characters' are noteworthy for pulling the reader into their lives. After reading The Passion, the story stayed with me for several days, as I remembered different passages of the book.

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