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What's New at The Regency Lover's Cafe I plan on adding more webpages for the Regency authors I have read in the past who don't have a link on the Internet. I know as an avid Regency fan, I would like to see an author's booklist and what the bookcovers may have looked like.

I will be working on more Regency-related historical pages in the future. Hopefully some pictoral ones related to the Regency and French Revolution era.

You can email your comments or suggestions to Marilyn
Thanks for visiting - Marilyn

5.23.02 The Regency Lover's Book Drawing will be closed for the summer.

2.22.02 We are doing something different for our book drawing this time. We are highlighting two new authors to the Regency genre. Katie MacAlister and Melynda Beth Skinner. There are two separate drawings, so pick your favorite (grin). take care till next time. Marilyn

12.03.01 Hi, it's been awhile, but we are still promoting Regency books (grin). Teresa Balderas recently won autographed copies of Mary Kingsley/Mary Kruger's newest two books. Our December drawing winner was Kim Westgaard for Teresa DesJardien's The Marriage Masquerade. Teresa will autograph it for the winner. January will see Shannon Donnelly autographing her new book "A Much Compromised Lady". We have been adding to our Regency Author lists and have updated the newsletter for winter. Planning on more items for the People and Places of the French Revolution page. Time keeps slipping up on me lately. Hope you all have a good holiday. take care.

6.13.01 Kay VanGundy won the autographed copy of Jessica Benson's "Much Obliged". Our next drawing if for the July release of April Kihlstrom's "The Widower's Folly". April will autograph it for the winner. Newsletter, Current and Upcoming Releases have been updated.

4-13-01 Emma Haw won the Gayle Wilson book "Anne's Perfect Husband. Current drawing will be for an autographed copy of Jessica Benson's "Much Obliged". Newsletter, Current and Upcoming Releases page and People and Places of the French Revolution have been updated and enlarged. Kat Martin's May release of Heartless is reviewed in the Regency Lover's Cafe Book Review site.

3-06-01 Jenny Gustafsson won the autographed copy of Deborah Matthews' new book "The Duchess and the Devil" The current drawing is for Regency writer Gayle Wilson's second book in The Sinclair Brides series - "Anne's Perfect Husband". The author will autograph it to the winner. The Favorite Authors Newsletter is updated, along with the Current and Upcoming Releases sites. Have added a site to the People and Places of the French Revolution page.

1-29-01 - Winter Newsletter of Favorite Authors is up and running. Current and upcoming releases site is full of books coming out in the next few months, that you might want to know about. Interview with Ronda Thompson on her new book "Scandalous". New Section of Book Reviews started. Check out my Regency Authors page. Sharon Shearouse is the winner of an autographed copy of Teresa DesJardien's new book "The Reluctant Smuggler".

Deborah Matthews is featured author in Regency Lover's Book Drawing. Titled "The Duchess and The Devil" it sounds very interesting:) Here is the back cover blurb: A DEVILISH DILEMMA... Young, impetuous, and hopelessly in love, Leandra Sterling never imagined that Adam Lawton would join the war against Bonaparte-- or that she would find herself carrying his child after he was gone. When her parents insisted on a hasty marriage to none other than Adam's aging cousin, Leandra was certain her fate couldn't be worse. Then her husband died, leaving her at the mercy of Adam himself, the one man who despised her...and the only man she'd every wanted. A PASSIONATE SOLUTION... With his cousin's death, Adam gained not only a title, but a chance to take revenge against the woman who had betrayed him so cruelly. Yet Adam was shocked to find that beautiful Leandra still had the power to touch his heart. And with her adorable twin daughters clamoring for his attention--and winning his affection-- vengeance suddenly seemed distasteful. What was the truth behind Leandra's marriage to his cousin? And did that matter more than the passion in her every kiss? ======================================================================================

December 30, 2000 - Susan Kulasekara is the winner of the two autographed Judith A. Lansdowne books. Our next drawing is for the February release of Teresa DesJardien's "The Reluctant Smuggler." Try your luck at the Regency Lover's Book Drawing site.

November 30, 2000 - Tracy Thurber is the winner of Margaret Evans Porter's new book. The new drawing is for autographed copies of Judith A. Lansdowne's Christmas themed books: "Lord Nightingale's Christmas" and "Stocking Stuffers". If you would like to enter go to Regency Lover's Book Drawing.

November 4, 2000 - Maridell Crucillo was the winner of the autographed copy of Jessie Watson's "Country Mouse".

Margaret Evans Porter is the featured author for the new book drawing. Margaret, in addition to autographing the book, is including a Belgian lace bookmark, she bought when she was in Brussels! If you would like to try your luck for an autographed copy from Margaret herself. Go to the Regency Lover's Book Drawing site and sign up.

I have been adding to the Current and Upcoming Releases site more regency authors new works as I find them.

October 5, 2000 - Evelyn Olivieri is the winner of the autographed Nicole Jordan November release "The Passion". The next drawing will feature Regency author Jessie Watson. "The Country Mouse" has a less than graceful hero, I think that is an intriguing aspect, and am looking forward to reading it when it comes out in December. If you would like to try your luck for an autographed copy from Jessie herself. Go to the Regency Lover's Book Drawing site and sign up. Good luck, Marilyn

October 2, 2000 - The Fall Newsletter of Favorite Authors is up and running, plus Current and Upcoming Releases has lots of new books coming out in the next few months, that you might want to keep an eye open for. I am still adding authors who have written Regency novels to the list of Regency Authors. My Other Favorite Author site has my picks of other genres. Enjoy - til winter, take care, Marilyn

September 22, 2000 - Regency romance readers will enjoy the Nonesuch site, it has an excellent list of Regency authors and their backlists. Some go back to the early 1970's!

Sept.17, 2000 - Do you remember your first dollhouse?? My sister has a new book shown on recounting the history of Marx Toys, especially the playsets (remember the Roy Rogers Ranch?), dollhouses and dollhouse furniture. The name of the book is Marx Toys Sampler, Playthings from an Ohio Valley legend.
Marx Toys Sampler

Current and Upcoming Releases updated (Favorite Authors). is helping readers discover new genres and authors. You can review your favorite author by going to and selecting the type book you like and file a review. It was a new experience for me, as it asks questions and generates a survey-like review with a short personal review you give in your own words.

Sept. 1, 2000 - Teresa DesJardien's website is up and running.

August 9th - Gail Crease aka Gail Whitaker has a new website up. New website for Teresa DesJardien in the works, Teresa has helped with it, hope you like it, too.

Sharon Sherrill won the autographed copy of Eileen Putman's new book "Never Kiss A Duke". Check out the drawing for a chance at an autographed copy of Nicole Jordan's upcoming release "The Passion" Notorious series #2.

July 13th - Eileen Putman is offering an autographed copy of her new book "Never Kiss A Duke" for The Regency Lover's Book Drawing. This is exciting as Eileen is a favorite author of mine. Please try your luck and enter.

Vicki Hale won Recbecca Ashley's "An Innocent Intrigue". Current and Upcoming Releases of Favorite Authors is updated. take care, Marilyn

June 20th - Favorite Authors Newsletter updated with news and coverart. Rocky Blair won the last drawing and received Andrea Picken's "Second Chances". Now we go back to the oldie-but goldies books with Rebecca Ashley's "An Innocent Intrigue". So enter and try your luck! Current and Upcoming Releases updated. More author websites, plus items added to Online Services. Take care, happy reading, Marilyn
Mid-May - Started first in series of people and places of the French Revolution. Madame Du Barri is the first. Look on the main home page for this link.
May - I created a site for Regency author Mary Chase Comstock. She helped me greatly with information and comments. You will find her on The Regency Authors Page. Evelyn Olivieri has a wonderful site of information on so many things Regency and related items. You will want to take a tour! Her website is called The Historical Romance Reader.

March - I found a neat site for regency book lovers - is solely regency based books. A used book online store that deals only in regency stories. The link is on the Online Services page.

February - Hi, glad you could come back to visit. Paula Creed won the last book drawing. Andrea Picken's new book "Second Chances" is the current drawing prize. Favorite Authors page is updated, there are some nice covers shown and news on authors I like to read. I have added more Regency authors to the regency author links list. Finished the list of current and upcoming releases for my favorite authors. These are almost all regency books with a few of my other favorite authors included; for I use this list as a wish list (grin). Another neat site, Regency Series Guide lets you check your book to see if they are part of a sequel or series storyline; was added to the frontpage and to the Online Services for Romance Readers. Romance Writers of America has a searchable database of romance novels where you can search by character name, plot, location, etc. Really neat! This is located on the Online Services page.

January - Hello, I can't believe that I have been doing this page for a year this month. I have learned some very different skills (still learning :) and met some very nice people through the internet. I thought this page could keep you up with what is new to this site.

January sees the addition of some new authors I have read and enjoyed. And these include authors other than regencies, though they remain my most favorite to read (grin). Leigh Greenwood's "Seven Brides" series was particularly good and engrossing. I have Connie Brockway's first of the McClairen's Isle trilogy "The Passionate One" and am looking forward to "The Reckless One" and "The Ravishing One". Rita Boucher's book "The Poet and The Paragon" I thoroughly enjoyed for all the complex feelings of the characters. I am trying to find a website for her to add to my regency authors page.

A neat site to look at for the flavor of life during regency times is Castles, Palaces and Stately Homes of Britain. The designer of this site also has Lousia's Magical Romance Reading Website (paranormal romance) which has an abundance of information. This and The Elusive Title are at the online services site. The Elusive Title, helps you solve the question of "what book was that?" If you can remember part of the story, but not the title, she has a form you can fill out and she will try to solve it for you!

The double winners of the Christmas drawing are listed on the Book Drawing site along with the Barbara Hazard and Shelia Walsh books for next drawing.

Several additions to Online Services for the Romance Reader; one Darlene's Paperback Exchange is a local used book store where she will hunt for old ones you may need. Belles and Beaux of Romance is a nice mix of author interviews, book reviews and news. Cyn's Trading Post, Subversion, and are interesting sites to visit in quest of backlists or new additions.

You can email your comments or suggestions to Marilyn
Thanks for visiting - Marilyn