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Regency Beau by Marilyn Malone
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For those who love Regency Romance, history, art, fashion and paperdolls

Welcome to the Regency Lover's Cafe. My name is Marilyn and I have loved the Regency Romance period for over 35 years. The romantic heroes; the journey to the historical past; sighing over the worldly rogues and urging on the females who would tempt them to settle down, has held a certain fascination for me. These stories have held their charm over passing years and I would like to share some of the sources I have fun with while surfing the world wide web.

There are sites for Regency clothing and fashion; timelines for what happened each month of the Regency Period; paperdolls (of which I am an amateur artist); and sites on food and drink. These all are available on the Internet.

So sit back and warm your hands on a cuppa tea and join me visiting Percy as he says "Zounds!! Sink Me!"

Regency Times, Romance, and Other Goodies

Laura Mills Alcott's "The Briar and The Rose" review

Regency Lover's Book Reviews & Review Sites

Regency Authors A Through L

Regency Authors M through Z

My Other Favorite Authors

People and Places of the French Revolution (new addition Joseph Fouchè - more items to be added)

Whatever Happened To...? (Authors)
Where Are These Romance Writers Now?
Romantic Chronology
Regency Page
Cathy Decker’s Regency Page
Regency Romance Writers (books, reviews)
Cathy Decker #2
Cupidity - The Regency Collection
Regency Reads - E books for the Haut Ton
Lesley-Anne McLeod's A Taste of Regency (redesigned site)
Maiden Fair's Regency World
Regency Fashion Sites
Joanna Waugh's Regency Resources
English Money Slang
Heyer's Regency Cant
Food and Drink of Regency England
British Titles of Nobility
Courtesy Titles
Dowager Peeresses
The Lady Patronesses of Almack's
History of Almack's
Jo Beverley's Pictures of Regency England
Jo Beverley's Pictures of Georgian England
The Georgian Index
A Web of English History
Romantic Reads of The Georgian Era
Napoleon Reference Sites
Years of the Sword - Wellington the Soldier

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Mills & Boon Historical and Harlequin Historical Romances Great Source of Authors Booklists
Good Ton: A Resource for Regency Romance Readers
Previous Author Newsletters and Cover Art
Romance Reader
Romance Sequels and Prequels
Romance Writers of America Romance Database (searchable novel database - place, time, character name, etc.)

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